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Toshiba UCedge 


Your employees are not stationery so why is your business phone system?  Work used to be about clocking in and staying late.  Now, we work when we want, where we want and business productivity has never been greater. Welcome to the new work environment, are you ready?





Toshiba’s UCedge mobile client software brings unified communications to smartphones and tablets while syncing with Toshiba IP, Digital or Cloud office phone systems.

Paired with your Toshiba business phone system, your employees will be empowered to work anywhere using a mobile device as an extension of their office telephone.  The UCedge mobile application allows easy management of office voicemail messages and fax messages with a visual interface, call transferring to/from the office, long distance and international calling from mobile phones at landline rates- and so much more!



smartphone with business instant messaging on screen

Instant Message (IM) colleagues with group, broadcast or individual chat sessions.

  • Work anywhere using your mobile device as a business extension of the phone system
  • Provides Call Center / Contact Center Features for Supervisors and ACD Agents
  • Protect mobile number privacy by only displaying the office phone number in caller ID
  • Place long distance/international calls through a cell phone at landline rates
  • Manage office voicemails and faxes through the UCedge visual interface
  • Instant Message (IM) with colleagues who are busy or on the phone
  • View colleague presence status (available, busy, offline, etc.) before contacting them
  • Retain similar desk phone features such as call transfer and extension dial



The office phone system features you’ve come to rely on are not compromised on the UCedge.  When the built-in softphone is enabled, mobile and desktop devices can function like any other extension on the business phone system.

Call Center Features

UCedge provides features for Contact Center Agent and Supervisor operations. Through its built-in softphone, an agent or supervisor can take an ACD call anywhere. Supervisors can always see the group status and contact agents through instant messaging. Supports Toshiba's web callback feature.

• Agent/Supervisor Login

• Supervisor Monitor

• Agent Status Change

• ACD Call Handling Including After Call Wrap-up Operation

• Call Notes / Notation

• Broadcast Messages to ACD Group Members

• ACD Real-time Display (Number of Calls in Queue, Wait Times, Agent Status)

• Agent Help Requests


The UCedge integrated softphone allows you to place calls from your UCedge app, but your calls connect through the office phone system first to find the least cost call routing option. Supports multiple lines.Toshiba UCedge mobile app softphone on tabletUCedge mobile application softphone on smartphone


One-Number Reach

Provides sequential or simultaneous ringing on multiple devices so you'll never miss an important business call no matter where you are located or what device you are using. Only your office number is shown in Caller ID (conceals mobile number for privacy).

Automatic Contacts with Avatars

UCedge contact list is automatically synchronized with your Toshiba business phone system providing quick access to colleagues extension numbers. Upload avatars for use in contacts, IM, voicemail and call history.

Toshiba UCedge contacts with avatars and presence status


All calls connect directly through the Toshiba phone system-- or with a system callback to the mobile device-- so cellular, long distance and international calls are billed at landline rates! Honors mobile number privacy by only displaying your office phone number.

Visual Voicemail & Fax

Retrieve, play-back and call-back of office voice-mails and fax messages using the UCedge intuitive and visual display.

Toshiba UCedge mobile app screen shot of visual voicemail

Presence with Detail

Provides colleague availability indicators including present & available, busy or away (not available).  Optional indicators include user-specified location and IM status.smartphone screen shot of visual voicemail on Toshiba ucedge application

Integrated Instant Messaging

One-on-one, group or broadcast Instant Messaging (IM) sessions with the ability to move from one mobile device to another without interrupting IM sessions.

Toshiba UCedge instant messaging on desktop screen shot

XMPP Server Integration

Ability to share presence and instant messaging with users outside the company, such as Federation with Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync) Server and other organizations using Toshiba software.

HTML5 Technology

HTML5 technology allows for code portability for feature consistency across mobile device types and operating systems. No codec plug-ins required and seamless interworking across Toshiba's IP, Cloud and Digital PBX systems. Includes support for cloud synchronization for data storage such as call and IM history.

Consolidated History

Consolidate call and IM history information across multiple devices. Instant Messaging history is stored on the device for easy filtering and retrieval.

Toshiba UCedge Mobile Application screen shot of consolidated call and text history


Pair UCedge with a Toshiba 5000 series phone to make and control calls from the mobile client while supporting multiple lines.

Multiple Device Login

Simultaneous login from up to three different devices; examples include smartphones, tablets, laptops, MACs or PCs. You only need to purchase one license (one-time charge) per three devices!

One-touch Buttons

Customize your buttons with frequently dialed numbers such as conference bridge PINs.

UCedge One Touch Buttons

Compact View

Resize the UCedge app on a MAC or PC to free-up screen space.

Licenses for the UCedge Client are provided as part of the Toshiba VIPedge solution or as an option for the Toshiba IPedge or Strata CIX PBX solutions.  Only one user license (one-time-fee) is required for up to three mobile and/or desktop devices.  Businesses that deploy a Toshiba PBX system (IP, Digital or Cloud) are eligible to download the UCedge client directly from their smartphone app store.  Licensing fee may be required.



Toshiba UCedge Unified Communications mobile application brochure

Toshiba UCedge Mobile Application Brochure

Contact ACC Telecom to learn more about Toshiba’s UCedge Unified Communications client for mobile devices.



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