Cisco Collaboration March 2014 Strategy & Announcements Update

In today’s world, business and IT leaders must consider employee preferences when choosing collaboration solutions to bring people together seamlessly over vast distances.  When you provide your team with innovative collaboration solutions, you empower them to engage in ways that help them evolve into innovators for your business.  Empower your staff with easy-to-use collaboration solutions and give your business the technological competitive advantage it needs.

Watch Rowan Trollope, SVP and GM of Cisco Collaboration detail the future of Cisco Collaboration at the Enterprise Connect demonstration expo. Watch it here.

 Cisco Collaboration Announcement Highlights:

  • SX10- “Out-of-the-box TelePresence”
    • Mount the SX10 anywhere- upside down, sideways, etc. and the image will adjust intuitively.
    • Proximity setup on any device- no buttons, no remote needed for setup.  Simply open the SX10 smartphone app and the configuration process begins automatically.
    • Bridge calls- call the viewing party from your smartphone and their image instantly projects on your monitor.
    • Price- very inexpensive! Starts out around $1500.

SX10 Slide2


  • MX700

    • SpeakerTrack 60- is a dual camera system with active zoom technology.  It finds the active speaker in a large room, zooms in, and follows the speaker as they move about.  Zooms out when the viewing party speaks so they can witness the good (or bad) reactions of their audience.
    • Intelligent Proximity- senses if users bring smartphones and/or tablets into a meeting and asks if the user would like to pair theses devices so they can view and navigate shared materials independent of the presenter.  This is a completely new way to extend video collaboration to mobile devices.
    • Facial Recognition- frames groups of people, minimizing background distractions.
    • Deploy from mobile devices and desktop computers.

MX700 slide1


  • Cisco + Google

    • Announced partnership with Google.  Cisco WebEx now works natively within your browser on Google tablets.  No downloading required, WebEx connects directly from the browser- and it is fast too!  More to come from Cisco and Google…

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