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Toshiba IPMobility App for Smartphones

The one smartphone app that can actually get you out of the office (with your bosses’ approval) is Toshiba’s award-winning IPMobility application for Android and iPhone devices. Go incognito by using your smartphone as your business extension with full desktop functionality including visual voicemail, call transferring, and fax management. Incoming calls ring both your desk phone and smartphone sequentially or simultaneously and outgoing calls display only your office phone caller id to the caller- not your cell phone number. While the IPMobility app is enabled outgoing calls are placed through your Toshiba IPedge Telephone System to find the least-cost routing option.  For example, international calls made from your cell phone are actually billed at landline rates since the app syncs with your companies’ onsite Toshiba PBX!

Top 5 features of Toshiba’s IPMobility Application
for Smartphones

landline rates

1.  Pay Landline Rates when Calling Internationally

How it works:  The IPMobility Callback dialing feature allows individuals to use their cell phone internationally at landline rates.  Callback transfers the dialed number to the onsite PBX system first then transfers the call back to the cell phone for confirmation. After the IPMobility user confirms the call the cell phone application automatically places the call to the original number.

2.  Keep your Cell Phone Number a Secret

How it works:  The IPMobility application user has the ability to choose     which phone number they want to display as their outgoing caller id.

visual voicemail 3.  Visual Voicemail

How it works:  The IPMobility application includes visual voicemail service allowing the user to conveniently access and manage voicemails without time consuming voice prompts.  The application enables users to view, listen, record, reply, forward, transfer to internal extensions, delete voicemails, and change their VM greeting and password directly from their smartphone.

4. Manage Faxes

How it works:  Similar to visual voicemail, users can view, forward, reply, and delete fax messages directly from the IPMobility application.

5. Find-Me, Follow-Me

How it works:  The Find-me, Follow-me feature allows users to set up their voice mailbox to automatically forward a call to a different number prior to sending the call to voicemail.  These may be internal extensions or external phone numbers.  Users have the option to ring incoming calls sequentially or simultaneously on preset numbers.


What is the cost of the IPMobility Application?

The IPMobility smartphone application is completely FREE to download by searching “Toshiba     IPMobility” in the *IPhone App Store/ITunes or Google Play.  A unified messaging license is required to sync with your Toshiba phone system.  No other licensing is required.  *Supports iOS 5.1 and Android 2.x/3.x/4.x.  

What are the System Requirements?

IPMobility is compatible with IPedge 1.5 or later.  Toshiba Strata CIX phone system support is     available via the IPedge Application Server.  Each IPMobilty client is tied to a messaging mailbox on the IPedge, therefore a unified messaging license is required to sync with the Toshiba  IPedge phone system.  No other licensing is required.

How do I Learn More?

If you are in MD, DC or VA area click here for assistance or call ACC Telecom at 410-995-0101or toll-free at 888-226-2216.  ACC Telecom is a Certified Premium Toshiba Dealer for over 25 years.

Or feel free to visit to find an authorized Toshiba Dealer near you.
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