February 23, 2016 By Toshiba Telecommunications

Toshiba IPedge Office Phone, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile PhoneStronger security, an operating system upgrade, free trials of popular applications and more flexible licensing

In only five years, Toshiba’s IPedge® on-site business phone system gained quite a fan club. Mere months after being launched in 2011, it had already earned an INTERNET TELEPHONY Excellence Award for innovation in IP communications, then an INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year award and then a 2014 INTERNET TELEPHONY Excellence Award. The Toshiba VIPedge® cloud-based service that uses IPedge as its core has earned even more awards.

As gratifying as it is to get recognition from industry experts, we are most proud of what IPedge has done for our customers, such as the Alabama county government that saves $30,000 per year by reducing lines, tolls and service costs, while seamlessly connecting 165 users in eight locations. Or the Louisiana human services authority that saves more than $19,000 per year while improving staff efficiency with new IP capabilities. Or the Georgia health center that saves more than $1,000 per month by eliminating the need for separate carrier connections for each of its six locations.

Now Toshiba has made an award-winning, money-saving, productivity-boosting phone system even better. IPedge Release 1.7 brings new security, new application options, faster performance and more flexibility:

Security. Release 1.7 security mechanisms put IPedge users ahead of the latest security threats, such as SQL injection attacks, unauthorized login attempts and breaches of data encryption.
Until recently, few had even heard of SQLI attacks. By 2013, the Open Web Application Security Project had rated it the Number 1 vulnerability to Web applications. There has never been a better time to take advantage of rigorous protections for your users and data.

call center agents taking calls using toshiba phone system

Try before you buy. Have you always wanted to try advanced capabilities for your IPedge system but wanted to make sure they were right for you? IPedge Release 1.7 includes free 60-day trial licenses for Toshiba’s unified messaging, unified communications and automated call distribution (ACD) contact center applications. Be sure staff will adopt and benefit from new applications before committing to license them.
Most organizations will gain productivity and convenience from features such as voice mail and email in one inbox, call management from a PC, instant messaging, visibility into co-workers’ availability, click to call/message, integration with popular sales force programs, and the ability to use a PC, laptop or smartphone as a full-featured extension on the business phone system.

Performance. An upgrade to the IPedge server’s Linux® operating system delivers significant performance improvements in network and disk I/O processing. Release 1.7 sustains speed and response time for users even as applications become more data-heavy and processing-intensive.
Flexibility. You can now transfer existing Toshiba ACD and unified communications licenses among sites for greater flexibility and cost savings. This capability is particularly valuable for dynamic, multi-site contact centers with remote agents and organizations with variable needs.
Find out more and start taking advantage. IPedge® Software Release 1.7 is now available from Authorized Toshiba Dealers nationwide.