toshiba meeting

Meeting’s interface is easy to use, streamlined and simple, so you won’t be spending extra time fiddling around with the settings and directions.

Last week, we talked about Cisco Jabber and the benefits of hosting their system.  Today, we’re going to talk about another helpful and useful program to aid in your conferences: Toshiba’s Meet-Me Conferencing and Web Collaboration.  Unlike Jabber, Meeting only requires a stable internet connection.  Meeting’s interface is easy to use, streamlined and simple, so you won’t be spending extra time fiddling around with the settings and directions.  Meeting is also designed for smaller businesses, so you won’t be spending more money for features you may not need.  Read on to discover all the features Toshiba’s Meeting has to offer.

What are some of the business features?


Toshiba Meeting uses some of the most relevant features needed in a communication system. Some of the essentials include:


    • Video meetings– allows you to connect while maintaining visual contact for an authentic experience.
    • Desktop sharing- an increasingly popular option; this allows you to screen share, saving you the time and energy of sending or emailing individual copies of files.
    • Scheduled Meet-Me conferencing– schedules conferences in advance, so you can start the process quickly and efficiently


  • Audio recording– gives you the ability to record conferences and play them back at a later date, so you’ll never miss information



What does it take to run Toshiba’s Meeting?


Meeting is included with the IPedge Application Server for Strata CIX.  At its highest capacity, this server has a 2 Quad core x 2Ghz Xeon Processors, with 12GB of RAM.  And at this level, Meeting can store about 7,000 hours of video with its recording feature.  This means your server will be functioning at its highest capacity when you are using Meeting.  Since Meeting is web-based, you don’t need to worry about complicated programs or unnecessary downloads cluttering your desktops.  Your business can run smoothly off a stable internet connection, and offers enough storage to meet your needs.


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