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Unlimited ACC – 3CX Remote Support


ACC Telecom support is a yearly extension of your maintenance that includes unlimited helpdesk support, 3CX ticketing support, major software upgrade performed by a 3CX-certified technician, and provides ACC Telecom the ability to work directly with 3CX Engineers for escalated issues on your behalf.

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# of SIM Call License

4SC, 8SC, 16SC, 32SC, 64SC, 128SC, 192SC, 256SC, 512SC, 1024SC

ACC-3CX Remote Support

Annual Support Fee, Monthly Support Fee, No Support (pay $125 per incident)

What type of CRM integration do you get with 3CX?

3CX integration with various CRM systems will produce very useful, efficient call handling and will become a very integral part of your daily business interactions with clients.  With the integration, when a call comes in, it will create a ticket in the CRM. Once the ticket generation process starts, the options are endless.

Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Call can create a new contact.
  • Calls that have a matching phone number to a customer in the CRM will auto-populate the new ticket with that requester's information, and user data, such as email, phone numbers, etc.
  • If call queues are set up, you can set triggers to automatically set aspects of the ticket, such as tags, categories, subcategories, Assignee’s, etc. depending on the queue the call came in from.
  • You can trigger calls directly from the CRM utilizing the click2call feature in 3cx or integrated CRM dialer.
  • Voicemail ticket creation- when a voicemail is left, it can create a ticket with the voicemail for follow up via CRM.
  • Ticket creation when an outbound call is placed to external numbers.

These are some of the primary use cases with 3CX/CRM integration. Keeping record of all interactions with customers is key and this does exactly that.

What are the AWS cloud server size recommendations for a 100-user 3CX company?

Our recommendations for a 100-user company housing the 3CX on an AWS server are as follows:

  • CPU (amount/cores, and type/speed)—Intel Core i7-3770 Processor (8M Cache, up to 3.9 Ghz)
  • Ram—8-10 GB
  • Type of HDD (HDD vs. SSD)—SATA 100 GB
  • HDD space requirements—Minimum of 100 GB.  If using call recording, then you will need more space.
  • Bandwidth-- this is difficult to answer as bandwidth on AWS is determined by your company's usage.
Is the failover between primary & backup 3CX automatic?

Yes, the failover is automatic. It is based on DNS. Basically, the phone, PC software, and DNS will be looking to the server via a hosted name and when the primary goes down that DNS record will be updated to point to the IP of the backup server. The phone will reset and register to the backup one almost instantly.

What is included in the annual 3CX Maintenance and ACC Support?

Active maintenance/subscription includes the following:

  • Security updates
  • PBX Updates – Get the latest versions and service packs including new features for free.
  • 3CX FQDN service
  • Auto-renewal of Encrypted SSL Certificate
  • Updates and use of the iOS and Android Mobile Apps
  • 3CX SMTP Service - to receive alerts and notifications
  • 3CX WebMeeting - Web & video conferencing features for all users
  • IP Phone Firmware and Template Updates
  • CRM Updates and Additions
  • VoIP Provider Templates Updates and Additions

ACC Support is an extension of your 3CX Maintenance and includes*:

  • Unlimited Help Desk Support including portal, phone, mobile & web application assistance and remote troubleshooting support.  
  • Major software updates are administered remotely by an ACC Telecom 3CX Advanced Certified Technician.
  • Ability for ACC Telecom to directly access the 3CX ticketing system and contact live 3CX Technicians and Engineers for escalated issues.  Please note that 3CX Technical personnel will only speak to 3CX Certified Resellers, such as ACC Telecom.  

*ACC Support does not include moves, adds, changes, or on-site technical support to the phone system or SIP Trunk.

What happens if you do not have 3CX Maintenance?

Failure to renew annual 3CX Maintenance will result in:

  • Loss of SSL Certificate
  • Loss of 3CX WebMeeting- Web & Video Conferencing
  • Loss of FQDN Service
  • Loss of Firmware Updates
  • Loss of Security Updates
  • Loss of Interop Updates
  • Loss of CRM Interop/API Updates
  • Mobile Applications (iOS & Android) will stop working
  • Remote phones will no longer function & cannot be administered over HTTPS.
Can the 3CX be hosted behind a NAT?

Yes, 3CX can be hosted behind a NAT.

When hosting a 3CX Video Conference, does it require a client-side software to be downloaded?

No, 3CX WebMeeting & Video Conferencing application is using Google’s WebRTC platform so there are no downloads or plug-ins needed.  The client will simply click a URL link to access the video & web conference.

What type of reporting is available with the 3CX?

3CX PRO license offers the following reports:

  • Call History
  • Extension Statistic Reports
  • Call Cost by Extension Group
  • Call Cost by Call Type
  • Ring Group Statistics
  • User Activity (graph)
  • Call Distribution (graph)
  • Average Queue Waiting Time (Graph)
  • Queue Answered/Unanswered Calls (Graph)
  • Queue Performance Overview
  • Detailed Queue Statistics
  • Team Queue General Statistics
  • Team Queue Lost Calls
  • Queue Answered Calls by Wait Time
  • Statistic SLA
  • Breaches SLA
  • Queue Callbacks
  • Queue Failed Callbacks
  • Agents in Queue Statistics
  • Agent Login History
  • Trunk/DID

To receive call reporting, you must choose the PRO or Enterprise Edition Licenses.

How does 3CX Cloud PBX differ from other Cloud-based/Hosted PBX providers?

There are 3 major differences between 3CX and Hosted PBX systems.

  1. Flexibility & Control:  3CX is a software-based PBX, so YOU get to decide where to run that software-- either on a server at your business' premise, in a virtual server environment, or in the cloud with ACC Telecom.  ACC uses Amazon AWS for our Cloud servers.
  2. Price:  3CX does not charge per-user extension fees, application fees, or licensing fees.  Pay annually or purchase for a one-time cost.  Cost starts at only $250/year for the PRO license.
  3. Applications:  With 3CX, every user has access to every application available for no additional cost.  

ACC-3CX Remote Support does not include on-site labor or support, moves, adds, or changes (MAC work) to the phone system.