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By definition a Cloud PBX system (also referred to as Virtual PBX, Hosted PBX or VoIP PBX) is a small business phone system located in the cloud.  In other words, we deliver all business phone services right over your Internet connection using Voice over IP (VoIP) technology.  Cloud telephone systems eliminate the hassle of maintaining an onsite PBX system and free personnel from the daily grind of traveling to the office and working late. With Cloud phone system technology, employees can work anywhere there is an Internet connection.



The Future is Here- Are You?
  • APPLICATIONS ARE MOBILE– your VoIP phone system features are available anywhere, at any time using an Internet connected device such as a tablet, laptop or smartphone.   Click here for more information on our mobile features.
  • SAVE MONEY– save up to 40% on phone service by switching to Voice over IP (VoIP).  In addition, cloud phone system customers enjoy further savings with free helpdesk support, free software updates and an included maintenance package.
  • ALL EMPLOYEES ARE UNDER ONE PHONE SYSTEM– office personnel, home-based workers and traveling employees all share the same Hosted PBX phone system features and are only an extension call away.
  • SIMPLIFY WITH ONE PHONE COMPANY– get everything you need from ACC Telecom; your phones, your PBX features, and your local, long distance and international calling.
  • GROW AT YOUR OWN PACE–  Easily add more phones, phone lines, extensions and phone numbers as your business grows so you only pay for what you need.
  • ELIMINATE THE DREADED BUSY SIGNAL– ACC’s VoIP phone system automatically opens temporary phone lines should you reach your max line usage, ensuring your clients and prospects will always be able to reach you.
  • KEEP YOUR BUSINESS OPERATING DURING AN OUTAGE  ACC’s Hosted telephone system includes disaster recovery by automatically rerouting incoming phone calls during an outage.



 ACC Hosted PBX Q & A

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ACC Telecom is centrally located in Columbia, MD to conveniently support business phone systems throughout Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern VA.  Please contact us today for more information on our VoIP phone system solutions.