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10DLC/A2P SMS Text Messaging Brand & Campaign Registration Form

This form can be used for first-time Brand and Campaign registrations or for additional Campaign registrations to an existing company’s Brand. You can only register one campaign per form submission. If you already have a Brand ID for your company please proceed to Part II of this form.

Part I: Brand Information & Details

By completing the form below, you are verifying the information is accurate and true. The information provided will be submitted to the "The Campaign Registry" (TCR) an Independent Reputation Authority chosen by Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to collect Brand and Campaign data in order to allow for transparency on the 10DLC network.
The company or entity sending & receiving SMS/MMS messages.
Country of Registration(Required)
Type of Organization(Required)
State or Government Registered ID#
Legal Business Address(Required)
Leave blank if not applicable
Leave blank if not applicable
Industry/Vertical Type(Required)
Select the best vertical type that fits your business.
Contact Name(Required)
Contact Address (If different from Company)

Part II: Declare your Single Use Case for the campaign that you are registering for in this form.

Most companies can be served by 'Low Volume Mixed' use case, which includes less than 2,000 messages per day or 75 Texts Per Minute. (Standard Use Cases are immediately available for all qualified registered Brands and do not require Vetting or pre/post-approval by MNOs. Special Use Cases are sensitive or critical in nature and may require Vetting or pre/post-registration approval by MNOs. During the review process you may begin to send messages).
Per applicable, please include your existing BRAND ID with the Campaign Registry.
Use Case (Select One)(Required)
The indicated "Use Case" will help the MNOs determine the type of "Campaign" your messaging will fall under.
Mix Use Cases
The following section applies to "Low Volume Mix," "Mix" or "Conversational Messaging" use cases. Per applicable, you may choose up to five (5) sub-categories associated to your Mix Use Case selection above.

Part III: Campaign & Content Attributes

Campaign and Content Attributes are characteristics of the Campaign in which you are registering for. Please complete the following questionnaire below.
Number Pooling(Required)
Select "yes" to number pooling if you intend to use 50+ numbers under one campaign. Please note, selecting "yes" will require a different provisioning process with certain wireless carriers.
Direct Lending or Loan Arrangement(Required)
Indicates whether the campaign include content related to direct lending or other loan arrangements.
Embedded Link(Required)
Indicates whether the campaign is using an embedded URL link of any kind. Note that public URL shorteners (bitly, tinyurl) are not accepted.
Embedded Phone Number(Required)
Indicates whether the campaign is using an embedded phone number (except the required HELP information contact phone number).
Affiliate Marketing(Required)
Indicates whether the affiliate marketing being used or was used in the construction of the campaign.
Age-gated Content(Required)
Indicates whether the campaign include any age-gated content as defined by Carrier and CTIA guidelines (Content requiring the individual to be of legal age).
Please explain your campaign objective or purpose.
Please include one or more campaign sample messages.
Phone numbers should be typed with ten digits only with one number per row. No spaces, parenthesis, or commas.
Opt-in, Opt-out, Help(Required)
The associated Brand entity agrees to include and support the following campaign content attributes. MUST SELECT ALL TO REMAIN COMPLAINT.
Name of Person Submitting Form (if different from company contact)(Required)
MM slash DD slash YYYY