Cloud Video Surveillance Systems

Cyber Secure · Mobile Accessible · Future Proof · x3 Redundancy

Your safety is our #1 priority, which is why we provide industry leading surveillance solutions at an affordable price to give you complete peace of mind while adhering to budgetary concerns. We provide a large variety of affordable analog, CVI, and IP security cameras systems for Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia businesses. Our cloud based VMS integrates with existing analog and IP surveillance camera systems so companies can receive advanced features, remote viewing, cloud recording, cloud storage, advanced cybersecurity, and real-time analytics without overhauling their existing camera solution.

Why Choose Cloud-based Video Surveillance?

We’ve partnered with Eagle Eye Networks to provide our customers with the most secure security camera system on the market today. Eagle Eye is the worldwide leader in cloud video surveillance solutions providing cloud-based management, storage, and recording to more business than anyone else in the world including Subway, Domino’s Pizza, Golds Gym, Papa Murphy’s Taco Bell, Stitch, Fix, Uber, Birkenstocks, and Volvo.

The Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System (VMS) delivers enhanced security, functionality, and features while eliminating the headaches of maintaining on-premise NVR or DVR equipment. System Management, storage, and if you choose- recordings- are all managed in the cloud so users can view their video footage from mobile devices (iOS and Android) and monitor their facilities 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

checkmark iconRemote HD Viewing & Control from Any Device
checkmark iconFully Encrypted Video & Metadata
checkmark iconHighly Scalable Infrastructure
checkmark iconIntelligent Bandwidth Management
checkmark iconSupports iOS and Android Mobile Apps
checkmark iconCentralized Management of ALL Locations

checkmark iconAnalytics for Analog & IP Cameras
checkmark iconZoom, Pan, & Tilt Cameras Remotely
checkmark iconMotion Detection & Real-time Alerts
checkmark iconTriple Redundancy
checkmark iconCloud or On-site Storage Options
checkmark iconCloud Recording & Management

View our Cloud vs. Local Video Surveillance comparison chart.

Cloud-based Video Management

Manage your Cloud-based Surveillance System 24/7, anywhere in the world

Cloud Video Surveillance

ACC Telecom’s cloud-based surveillance management system (VMS) offers the ability to monitor all of your locations from a single interface. Create unlimited users with various permission levels to monitor cameras worldwide or at a single location.  Authorized users can instantly add analog or IP cameras at any time or change recording storage options with a click of a button.

Users can also view live footage, add features and analytics, set up alert notifications, and add surveillance tags. Additional capabilities include access to a birds-eye google map of your entire camera layout- displaying any cameras that are offline, controlling cameras with pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) capabilities, built-in motion detection with alerts, and running analytics on any camera directly from your cloud VMS interface. Our cloud VMS offers advanced security with iOS fingerprint biometrics making portal access even more secure and convenient.

How Cloud Surveillance Works

Cloud Video Surveillance Systems
Eagle Eye Cloud VMS Architecture

We’ve partnered with Eagle Eye Networks to offer a highly secure cloud based video management system (VMS).

With Eagle Eye Cloud VMS, there are no license keys, no operating systems to maintain, and no software to install. Eagle Eye encrypts all video both at rest and in transit making it more secure than NVR or DVR equipment.

We install our cloud-based Bridge or Cloud Managed Video Recorder (CMVR) that connects to your internet and essentially creates its own VLAN directly to the cloud thus removing the cameras from the network and adding greater security to your organization. Eagle Eye only sends video footage outbound, so our cloud bridge does not require opening ports on firewalls which eliminate major security vulnerabilities that are associated with on-premise NVR deployments.

Our cloud VMS provides features that you just can’t get with on-premise NVR or DVR systems, such as redundancy, cloud storage & recordings, unlimited users with access permissions, automatic software updates, and the ability to view all of your locations from a single interface. Analog camera systems are also eligible for cloud VMS benefits by utilizing our cloud-based bridge or Cloud Managed Video Recorder (CMVR).

Cloud VMS Benefits Are Also Available for Analog Camera Systems

Companies with existing analog camera surveillance systems can conveniently connect to our cloud-based bridge or CMVR to receive IP camera features such as mobile viewing, cloud storage, analytics & alerts, motion detection, people counting, and more!

With our cloud equipment, analog camera systems can receive real-time alerts via push notification or e-mail with a deep link to the event-triggered alert. Simply click on the link to take you to the security camera and a time stamp of the event.  Tap “play” to view the camera footage that triggered the alert.

Companies that deploy our cloud-based bridge or CMVR can gradually replace their analog cameras for IP cameras without having to replace their entire surveillance system or existing cabling.  

Cloud Video Surveillance Systems

Cloud VMS Benefits Are Also Available for Analog Camera Systems

checkmark icon Motion Detection
checkmark icon Intrusion Detection
checkmark icon People Counting
checkmark icon Line Crossing
checkmark icon Loiteringcheckmark iconHeat Mapping
checkmark icon Cloud Recording & Management
checkmark icon Cloud Storage
checkmark icon Remote Viewing from Any Device
checkmark icon Real-time Alerts & Analytics

Cloud VMS Features & Analytics

ACC’s Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System (VMS) offers an abundance of features and analytics available for both analog and IP cameras. In addition, Eagle Eye Network’s open API platform provides security developers the opportunity to create new camera features and analytics that integrate with Eagle Eye’s surveillance system platform.

Smartphones in Washington DC displaying various Eagle Eye cloud security camera system features

Keep a lookout for additional features that will be available soon!

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2-Way Audio

The 2-Way Audio feature provides the ability to remotely communicate through Eagle Eye’s Video Management System’s dashboard using two way audio.  This convenient feature connects a supported speaker/horn to any Bridge and allows users to create a communication network by linking their security cameras.  2-Way Audio also works with the Eagle Eye mobile app for remote conversations.

ACC’s mass notifications system can incorporate text, calls, and e-mails, but it focuses on primary forms of mass notifications and allows you to fill in the gaps of what you’re missing– providing an all-around unified solution to notify internal and external individuals of events, emergencies, and alerts in real-time.   There are so many things that our Mass Notifications System (MNS) can do that we constantly hear, “you can do that!?”

Our MNS is more than a Mass Alert System– it can activate your security cameras, lock the doors, dim the lights, monitor appliances, and more.  It also provides extremely beneficial day-to-day operations such as creating and automating bell schedules, announcements, and daily communications.

Your customized Mass Notifications System portal will provide a floorplan of your campus, allowing you to drag and drop notifications to certain areas of the campus while utilizing text-to-speech capabilities and pre-setting notifications for any type of situation.

Automatic 360° Rotation

Set your security camera surveillance system to automatically “sweep” entire areas with 360-degree horizontal rotation and 90-degree vertical rotation.  This feature helps lower costs because it requires fewer security cameras to cover a larger space.

Cloud Storage & Redundancy

Video footage uploads automatically to the Eagle Eye cloud video management system (VMS).  Video surveillance footage is encrypted, cloned, and stored on three different servers in three different secure data centers.  Storage transfers occur after business hours to avoid hindering the speed of your network.

Facial Recognition

Uses A.I. technology to measure facial features in order to sort footage by faces or facial features.

Full System Integration

We offer scalable IP security camera equipment that can easily integrate with your office phone system, intercom system, video recorder, door access control system and even an existing surveillance camera system.

Hybrid Security Systems

ACC’s Eagle Eye cloud-based video security camera system is compatible with both analog and IP security cameras, also known as a ‘hybrid camera system’.  Customers can receive HD/IP camera features (such as such as analytics and remote viewing) for their analog camera system by installing a CMVR or Bridge device.  Our hybrid camera system allows businesses to add IP cameras to an existing analog surveillance system without purchasing an entirely new system or upgrading cabling.

Intrusion Alerts

Intrusion alerts provide the ability to draw a virtual box around an object or building parameter.  If the virtual box is crossed or the area breached, the camera will snap a picture and send the alert and photo immediately to your email.  

Motion Detection

The motion detection feature intelligently detects and measures movement.  If movement is detected, the system snaps an image and sends the alert in real time to an email address and/or PUSH notification. 

Night Imaging

This camera security feature provides true infrared technology to capture clear images at night.

Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) Cameras From Any Device

Control your PTZ cameras from any device with the pan / tilt / zoom feature that allows you to look up, down, left or right while zooming in or out. This is especially helpful for law enforcement when evaluating footage for forensic evidence (ex- tattoos, license plates, etc.).

People Counting

Counts bodies as people enter or exit a pre-determined virtual entrance (such as a door).

Real Time Viewing on Any Device

Use the device of your choice (smartphone, tablet, laptop, office video IP phone, etc.) to monitor your high-definition (HD) surveillance feed as it happens. ACC’s Eagle Eye cloud based video management (VMS) provides a secure web-based portal to view all of your locations and cameras from one interface.  Users can manage their account, features, cameras, users, locations, and more directly from their cloud VMS interface- anywhere at any time from any device.

Time-Stamped Alerts

Receive e-mail notifications and/or Push notifications when motion camera security activates or virtual perimeters are crossed, for example. Our Eagle Eye cloud video surveillance system (VMS) alerts include a snapshot of the event and a time-stamped deep link to take you directly to the action rather than scrolling through hours of footage.

Cloud VMS Q&A

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What's the difference between the Bridge and CMVR equipment?
ACC’s Eagle Eye Bridge provides 100% cloud based recording, storage, and management of your video surveillance camera system.

ACC’s Eagle Eye Cloud Managed Video Recorder (CMVR) allows you to mix and match local and cloud recording and storage.  For example, let’s say you have 8 analog cameras and 2 IP cameras.  You could choose to store the 8 analog camera’s footage locally and the 2 IP camera’s footage in the cloud, or vice versa.

Our Bridge and CMVR support analog and IP cameras and include remote viewing, motion detection, and cloud-based management.

Click here to view our NVR, CMVR, & Bridge comparison chart. 

Can I use my existing security cameras with your Cloud VMS?

Most likely, yes.  Our Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System (VMS) supports thousands of analog and IP cameras from various manufacturers.  Even if your camera is not found on the supported camera list, most likely Eagle Eye’s Engineers can integrate your cameras without a problem!

What is triple redundancy and how does it work?

Eagle Eye Network’s cloud video surveillance system provides triple redundancy, so you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your video footage is safe, secure, and accessible when you need to view it.  Eagle Eye encrypts all cloud video recordings, then clones the encrypted footage and stores it on three different servers in three different secure data centers.

What is the cost of your cloud surveillance system?

Our Cloud VMS solution is billed monthly or annually and is based on the number of cameras deployed, types of features implemented, resolution, and length of time for cloud storage.  Pricing starts at $5 per camera per month.

How are the Bridge & CMVR more secure than a NVR?

Our Cloud Managed Video Recorder (CMVR) and Bridge provide greater security when compared to a Network Video Recorder (NVR) because we do not need to open ports on your firewall as we do with NVR systems.  Opening ports on your firewall is a huge security risk that can expose your business to viruses, malware, trojans, ransomware, and additional fraudulent activity.

In addition, our Bridge and CMVR equipment essentially create its own VLAN to the cloud, so we are taking the cameras off of your corporate network while encrypting all video footage.

Do you offer local storage too?

Yes, our Cloud Management Video Recorder (CMVR) offers local storage and if you choose, cloud storage as well.  Our CMVR also provides centralized management, remote viewing, encrypted video, and advanced security.

What type of warranty do you offer?

We offer a lifetime warranty on the Bridge and a 2 year warranty on the CMVR.

What happens if I lose internet?

Loss of the internet does not mean loss of video recordings.  Our Bridge and CMVR equipment have built-in hard drives to continuously record for up to 4 days should your business lose internet service.

What does Centralized Management mean?

ACC’s Eagle Eye Cloud Video Surveillance System includes a centralized portal so companies can manage all of their locations from one interface– anywhere, at any time, on any device.   Eagle Eye’s centralized management portal allows companies to view cameras in real time, control PTZ cameras, adjust resolution, add features, view historical data, run analytics, add an unlimited amount of users with access permissions, and so much more.

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