Security Cameras For Cloud and Analog Surveillance Systems

Security Cameras

We offer a multitude of Analog, Hybrid and IP cameras including megapixels, colors, & features.
Security Cameras For Cloud and Analog Surveillance Systems

Thermal Cameras

Select thermal cameras are specifically designed to detect the body temperature of humans in real-time, with a high degree of accuracy (+/-0.5F). Popularity of thermal cameras has increased particularly as a result of the pandemic due to their ability of evaluating higher than normal body temperatures via a contactless method. Thermal cameras work by using a specialized sensor that can detect heat rather than visible light are often set up in entrance ways to scan people as they enter into buildings.

Vandal-Resistant Cameras

Vandal Domes are known for their durability against vandalistic acts and extreme weather conditions. Built with a solid metal or steel base and vandal resistant polycarbonate plastic cover, these cameras are typically used indoors or outdoors in areas that may be prone to vandalism and tampering.


Security Cameras For Cloud and Analog Surveillance Systems
Security Cameras For Cloud and Analog Surveillance Systems

PTZ Speed Cameras

Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) cameras include remote control software so you can manually adjust the camera’s directional and zoom capabilities from smartphones, tablets, and computers.  PTZ cameras offer significant benefits over standard stationary security cameras, such as 360-degree rotational coverage, built-in motion tracking, multiple alarm inputs, autofocus and of course remote control software.  PTZ cameras are available in dome and bullet models with auto tracking and laser IR technology.


Bullet | Mini Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras provide great quality footage at a low cost and are considered one of the most cost-effective solutions for CCTV monitoring. Due to aesthetic preference, bullet cameras are generally used outdoors or anywhere that requires a longer coverage range when compared to dome cameras. 


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Security Cameras For Cloud and Analog Surveillance Systems

Dome Cameras

Similar to bullet cameras, dome cameras provide high-quality imaging at an affordable price. Generally used indoors for aesthetic purposes, dome cameras can be used outdoors as well for day and night environments. Dome cameras are compact and unobtrusive and can fit into almost any space. Their hard dome casings provide significant protection for impact and defocusing while helping to disguise the direction that the camera is pointing.  Dome cameras are available in fixed, motorized or wedged models.


Turret or “Eyeball” Cameras

The Turret camera is becoming increasingly popular among professionals because of its design, high-quality imagery, and extended IR without experiencing ‘IR Bounce’ (small dots during night mode) that some dome cameras can experience because of their glass housing. Turret or “Eyeball” cameras have a ball-and-socket design that can easily swivel around its “socket” once the base is mounted.  Turret cameras are available in motorized or fixed models.


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Fisheye Cameras

Considered a unique security camera on the market, fisheye cameras essentially provide five views in one with automatic 360° panoramic imaging and ultra wide angle lens. Fisheye cameras are generally a higher cost compared to PTZ dome cameras, however, customers can save money by installing just one fisheye camera to cover an entire room compared to deploying 3 or 4 bullet or fixed dome cameras.


Cloud Management, Recording & Storage

We’ve partnered with Eagle Eye Networks to offer 100% cloud based management, mobile viewing, cloud recording, and extended cloud storage. Eagle Eye’s cloud video surveillance system was built for the cloud right from the start. Management through the cloud is simple with the ability to make changes to your cloud security camera system anywhere at any time. With the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS, there are no license keys, no operating system to maintain, and no software to buy or install.


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Fandango Productions, located in Baltimore, MD, contacted ACC Telecom about installing a new video camera surveillance system due to theft incidents occurring in the area. Two months after ACC installed their business surveillance system with PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) 2mp infrared bullet cameras, the inevitable happened and Fandango’s vehicle property was now the target of criminal theft. The theft occurred in the middle of the night and thankfully the infrared security cameras captured the entire act of vandalism. The PTZ 2mp bullet security cameras provided clear images of the criminal’s face and his vehicle’s license plate. The criminal even disconnected the light above his license plate and the cameras still captured his plate identification using the surveillance camera’s infrared technology! Due to surveillance-provided criminal forensics, this criminal was arrested and is facing charges. Since the incident, Fandango Productions has increased the quantity of IP security cameras to their scalable surveillance system.

Thank you Fandango Productions for providing us with your customer success story!

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