Secure & Safeguard Your Data with Cloud Backup

Avoid data disasters by backing up and encrypting your priceless CRM and valuable data files.  ACC Telecom works directly with the largest cloud storage providers in the nation to ensure businesses of any size have access to robust business continuity solutions that meet your industry’s unique compliancy requirements.   

Cloud Backup provides daily backups, on-demand backups, and comprehensive restore tools to protect your business.  The goal is to ensure customers can protect, detect and recover critical data and operations with minimum downtime. The platforms we offer ensure resiliency against data loss, natural disasters and cyber-attacks.  Our solutions offer encryption protection using sophisticated encryptions, and account security to meet any compliance regulations surrounding your data.

checkmark iconDaily data backups
checkmark iconEncryption of data
checkmark iconDaily reports on health of backups
checkmark iconIndustry specific compliancy regulations
checkmark iconActive monitoring with 24/7 support
checkmark iconThreat detection
checkmark iconDisaster Recovery
checkmark iconRestorations preserve multi-level records

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Begin each day with peace of mind and confidence that your data is redundant, secure, encrypted and compliant.  Contact us today for your complimentary cloud backup & restore consultation and price quote.

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