911 Camera Sharing

Eagle Eye Network's 911 Camera Sharing is Revolutionizing Emergency Response

Police officer speaking on walkie talkie to 911 operators regarding live video footage provided by Eagle Eye Network's 911 Camera Sharing feature.

In Emergency Situations, Every Second Counts- And Details Matter

“Eagle Eye 911 Camera Sharing will be a game changer for active shootings, burglaries, alarms, and even medical and fire emergencies. We ask our field responders to manage millions of incidents a year with only the limited information that a distressed caller might be able to provide. Eagle Eye 911 Camera Sharing gives us a real-time view of exactly what is occurring at the scene of an emergency.”

–Chief Don DeLucca, Former President of the International Chiefs of Police


911 Camera Sharing Overview

What is 911 Camera Sharing?

ACC Telecom, a pioneer in communication solutions for businesses, is proud to introduce a groundbreaking feature – 911 Camera Sharing. This innovative technology, developed by Eagle Eye Networks, allows Emergency Contact Centers (ECCs) and 911 telecommunicators to access live footage in real-time during emergencies.

With just a single 911 call, ECCs receive an immediate ‘eyes on the scene’ perspective, enabling 911 professionals to provide precise details to first responders, significantly reducing response times.

By granting instant access to surveillance camera footage, 911 operators gain a bird’s eye view of the situation, facilitating their ability to relay critical visual information seamlessly. With 911 Camera Sharing, every second counts, and every detail matters in emergency situations.

“In a crisis when seconds count, a security camera can provide vital visual information – giving first responders the situational awareness they need to assess and thoughtfully approach a dangerous situation.”

–Dean Drako, Eagle Eye Networks CEO


911 Camera Sharing Process

How 911 Camera Sharing Works

Users will predetermine which cameras to share with Emergency Call Centers (ECCs). Eagle Eye and RapidSOS will work directly with the local ECCs for the backend connection process and training.

The camera sharing feature is triggered by a 911 call, which instantly plots the GPS location on a map and populates the designated camera’s footage on the 911 operator’s screen, along with the caller’s location. This enables the ECC’s 911 professionals to instantly view footage from the cameras at or near the emergency scene.

The 911 professionals will use the live camera footage for situational awareness – to relay visual clues and information to first responders in real time. Cameras are only shared until the emergency is resolved. No account information is shared, and no access is permitted to the video management system (VMS).

Eagle Eye 911 Camera sharing screenshots

“The Eagle Eye Networks 911 Camera Sharing solution we’ve implemented gives first responders critical information in real-time to guide their response to an emergency in our school.  The presence of this technology serves as a silent guardian, ready to act if needed, but a resource we hope we will never need.”

–Damon Grant, Co-Principal, Oakland Unity Middle School, Oakland, CA


Key Benefits


Real-time video is shared with 911 Operators to provide first responders with live details.


911 Camera Sharing works with existing cameras and even alternate video surveillance systems.


Pre-selected designated cameras will only be shared when a 911 call is placed.


911 Camera Sharing is included for PRO & Enterprise plans for no extra cost, and at a low cost for Standard plans.

911 Camera Sharing Privacy

How Does 911 Camera Sharing Handle Privacy Concerns?

The end user will choose which cameras to share and can ONLY be viewed when a 911 call takes place. No additional log-ins need to be provided to the Emergency Contact Centers (ECCs).

911 Camera Sharing only shares video via encrypted secure video streams, and the ECCs cannot alter camera settings or make any changes to the video management system (VMS).

Any camera that is accessed is auto-logged into the Audit Log, and the end users will receive real-time alert notifications.


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Eagle Eye 911 Public Safety Camera Sharing Complete

Not Just for Eagle Eye Systems- 911 Camera Sharing Is Available for Alternate Video Surveillance Management Systems Too

Eagle Eye 911 Camera Sharing is available for alternate video management systems without subscribing to the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS platform, or replacing cameras (exclusions apply- contact ACC Telecom to see if your Video Management System and cameras are compatible).

Referred to as ‘Eagle Eye 911 Public Safety Camera Sharing Complete,’ this technology is specifically designed for businesses using another VMS, so users only have to add an Eagle Eye Bridge or CMVR device to their setup and utilize cloud replication to access 911 Camera Sharing technology.

“Eagle Eye 911 Camera Sharing is a product that reflects our commitment to enhancing public safety, and the founding principle of our company – making the world a safer place,”

–Dean Drako, CEO, Eagle Eye Networks


Eagle Eye Network's 911 camera sharing feature delivers live video footage to Emergency Contact Center's 911 operators so they can have 'eyes on the scene' during an emergency.

Eagle Eye First Responder Video Access

In Addition to 911 Camera Sharing, Eagle Eye Also Offers the First Responder Video Access Feature

Firefighter on radio speaking to 911 operators about live video footage they received from Eagle Eye Network's 911 Camera Sharing feature.

Eagle Eye’s First Responder Real-Time Video Access feature provides police and first responders with a URL to temporary access pre-authorized cameras while in transit to an emergency.

First Responder Video Access differs from 911 Camera Sharing in that it does not automatically trigger streaming of instant footage based on GPS location to the Emergency Call Centers (ECCs) when a 911 call is placed.

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