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With the convergence of voice and data networks, it becomes very important to have extensive knowledge of both. We at ACC Telecom have the knowledge, experience, and understanding of how to implement and maintain converged networks.


Offering LAN/WAN design and implementation, including migration strategies for your mission-critical Voice, CRM, Back Office and enterprise applications. We provide voice and data access through our carrier partner relationships. Wireless LAN (WLAN) surveys with turnkey operations and administration and maintenance support are also available.


Connect users throughout your organization with integrated wireless local area network (WLAN) access points. Each access point can serve multiple users and as people move beyond the range of one access point, they are automatically handed over to the next one- while experiencing seamless data transmissions. Beginning with a complimentary site survey, ACC will design and recommend the placement of wifi / wireless access points throughout your office.


Manage voice and data communications on your local area networks. Link multiple offices and users across your current or proposed WAN backbone investments using robust ACC-designed Voice over Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies.


ACC Telecom performs turnkey assessments as one of our services. Our network engineers gather and assess invaluable information prior to your next investment. Critical metrics are scrutinized regarding operating conditions of your network elements, transmission and QoS levels for decision-making and pre-planning of your quality ACC implementation.


We understand that securing your business technology is one of your highest priorities, which is why ACC recommends deploying a secure, Quality of Service (QoS) Peplink or Cisco router and Manageable PoE Switch(es) for optimal voice and data quality and security.


Imagine a single system that does it all using your existing IP network: from voice to data to video. A system that combines the advantages of network-based telephony and the features of traditional PBX systems- all while reducing your infrastructure, lowering capital expenditure and operational costs, and increasing productivity. Provide one integrated system for all your office locations by networking multiple phone systems to work together as one system, including full telephone and application functionality to remote users, no matter where they are located.


With today’s heightened awareness of corporate voice and data security vulnerabilities, ACC Telecom provides a wide suite of services for our clients. From firewall and VPN services to intrusion detection and reporting, ACC Telecom will build and support your disaster recovery and uptime requirements.


Stop wasting time and money with poor network connections and communications. Upgrade your network and business telephone system and become the office hero.

Contact us for information on our business networking solutions. ACC Telecom is located in Columbia, MD and serves companies throughout Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia, and nationwide with our VoIP technology.

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