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The Cloud PBX Voice Alliance connects VoIP dealers across the US to offer support and services.

ACC CoreNexa 7.0 Cloud PBX is a cloud-based phone system ideal for small to mid-sized businesses, multi-location businesses, and start-ups alike.  ACC Telecom’s cloud based phone systems are attractive because businesses pay a low monthly cost for their phone system features, applications, and calling services.

ACC CoreNexa 7.0 phone system allows companies to grow with their phone system and add new users and locations easily without a large upfront investment, and with built-in geo-redundancy and automatic disaster recovery, you can rest assure that your phone system is always working for you, not against you. 

Work Anywhere, At Anytime

Cloud-based Voice, Video, Messaging, Collaboration, & Virtual Rooms all in one Unified Communications Solution

When seconds count, you want to make sure your emergency notification system is efficient and effective.  Actions taken in the first few seconds are critical to the outcome of a crisis situation.  ACC’s eLaunch by Valcom includes an easy-to-use graphical browser interface with the ability to create scenario-based notifications to reduce confusion during an emergency.  A single click automatically launches a series of notifications to specific people, rooms, floors, buildings, campus-wide, or entire districts.

Your business phone system should not be restrictive or debilitating.  The worldwide pandemic left many businesses scrambling to enable remote working options for their employees, with many companies offering poor quality, non-secure solutions.

Businesses today need a flexible PBX system that offers mobility, instant scalability (increasing or decreasing users), flexibility, & inbuilt security.

ACC CoreNexa 7.0 Cloud PBX offers this and more as a true all-in-one voice, video, messaging and collaboration solution that will allow your workforce to work from anywhere, at anytime so long as there is an internet connection.s.

Introducing CoreNexa 7.0

All-in-one, next-generation business communications solution encompassing voice, video, messaging, and collaboration.

ACC CoreNexa 7.0 combines desktop and mobile applications to offer a unified communications approach to collaboration. CoreNexa 7.0 empowers users to work anywhere, at any time, on any device. CoreNexa 7.0 simplifies collaboration process by using one interface for video conferences, ‘always-on’ virtual room meetings, calling, chatting, texting, accessing voicemails, contacts, recordings, and call history. Setup is a breeze too, as CoreNexa 7.0 requires zero software or hardware to get up and running.  Simply download the mobile app and log into your CoreNexa 7.0 client from your browser.  

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checkmark iconUnified Interface
checkmark icon Built-in Softphone
checkmark iconCall History (90 days)
checkmark icon Chat / Instant Messaging
checkmark iconAdvanced Presence Status
checkmark icon“Always on” Virtual Rooms
checkmark iconText Messaging (SMS/MMS)
checkmark iconWeb, Desktop & Mobile Clients
checkmark iconVoicemail (Audio or Transcribed)
checkmark iconVideo Conferencing (100 participants)
checkmark iconCompany Contacts (+Gmail & Outlook)

Unified Communications Client for CoreNexa Hosted PBX
CoreNexa 7.0 Unified Communications Web-based application

CoreNexa 7.0 Video Collaboration

Video Conferencing, Meetings, Webinars, Lightboard, & Virtual Rooms

The next generation of video collaboration is here and without the hefty price tag.  Standard video conferencing (with up to 100 participants) is included with every user seat for no extra cost (wow!).  Professional Video add-ons include meetings without time constraints, Lightboard feature (aka The Weatherperson Feature), dial-in phone numbers, and more.  Add a few virtual rooms to the mix and now you have an “always on” room where employees can virtually knock on the virtual door and pop in and out of the room all day for team or 1:1 collaborations.

CoreNexa 7.0 UCaaS Video Collaboration on computer screen
CoreNexa 7.0 Video Collaboration toll includes an all-in-one unified communications cloud based phone system solution.

Check out the state-of-the-art features below and fall in love with this next-gen collaboration tool like we did.  Available as an add-on to any business phone system.  

How Does CoreNexa 7.0 differ from other Video Collaboration Solutions?

Lightboard Mode

CoreNexa Hosted PBX video Lightboard mode screenshot

Lightboard, also known as the “Weatherperson” feature allows a user to become part of their PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation. Similar to how Meteorologists can populate and point to maps and weather-related information that are super-imposed on their screens, this feature uses the same technology. Very useful for teachers, trainers, and sales professionals.


The Bookmark features allows users to save frequently accessed applications such as email, calendars, CRM data, etc. directly into your meetings so there is no need to move outside the meeting to access these applications or webpages.

Simultaneous Screen Sharing

The simultaneous screen share features allows multiple people within a meeting to share their screens at the same time. No more “passing the control” to share screens.

Private Sidebar with Audio, Video & File Share

The private sidebar feature provides two users with the ability to hold a side conversation, share files, etc. during a live meeting, while still receiving the audio and video from the initial meeting.

Lock & Knock

The ‘Lock & Knock’ feature provides privacy controls for meetings and huddle rooms.  Users can ‘lock’ their meetings so participants or coworkers have to ‘knock’ to gain entry.

Multiple Cameras & Flexible Video Tiles

CoreNexa 7.0 Video Collaboration video tiles

Create a powerful video experience using multiple HD web cameras during a meeting.  Rearrange video tiles for a customized screen layout.


There is no need to leave the meeting to schedule another meeting, make outbound calls, chat, check voicemails & more.  Most tasks can be accomplished directly from the CoreNexa client.

Huddle Rooms, ‘Communities’, Webinars, Conferences

A true collaboration tool, create user groups, virtual rooms, and communities for ultimate collaboration options with the Rooms package.

Cloud or Hybrid Deployments & BYO-PBX

CoreNexa 7.0 is a cloud-based video collaboration tool and Hosted phone system; however, CoreNexa 7.0 Video can be integrated into any phone system and/or physical conference rooms.

Click here to view our Standard video vs PRO video feature comparison chart.


Features & Pricing


  • CoreNexa Cloud PBX

  • Nationwide U.S. Calling + Canada
  • Phone Number/DIDs
  • Business Extensions
  • Auto Attendant
  • Voicemail, Voicemail-to-Email
  • Web Client
  • Mobile App
  • Inbound & Outbound Caller ID
  • Ring Groups
  • Find-Me Follow-Me Call Routing
  • Online Management Portal
  • Call Reporting
  • Auto Disaster Recovery
  • Advanced Hacking Prevention
  • Multi-location Networking
  • Busy Signal Eliminator
  • Geo-Redundant
  • Video Conferencing (Standard Video Seat)
  • Starting at $21.99/month

    Price is per user & is dependent upon number of users.


  • Build your monthly plan

  • Call Recording
  • Toll-Free Number
  • Voicemail to Text Transcription
  • Includes 1 fax number, unlimited company users, 200 fax minutesVirtual Faxing
  • Call Center
  • SMS Text Messaging- Unlimited
  • CRM Integration/API Access
  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • Professional Video Seat
  • Virtual Rooms
  • Add-on Features

  • $4.00 per user
  • $2.25 per number
  • $4.95 per user
  • $19.95 per account
  • $49.99 per account
  • $4.95 per number
  • Pricing upon request
  • $2.95 per user
  • $13.99 per user
  • $45 per room


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What separates ACC cloud communications from the competition?

Not all cloud telephone systems are created equally.  Our geo-redundant platform includes carrier-grade failover technology with multiple data centers.  Be sure to ask if your cloud provider is geo-redundant!

Additional competitive advantages include:

  • Communications Experts since 1979
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Competitive pricing
  • Advanced features
  • Personalized assistance and free helpdesk support without lengthy Auto Attendant prompts or on hold times.
  • Customized, professional installations
  • On-site & Remote Technical Support
Is there a difference between a Cloud, Hosted, or Virtual phone system?

No, and yes, Cloud, Hosted, & Virtual phone systems share the same concept; however all Carriers offer different solutions and pricing models.  P.S.- We are confident ours is the best. =)

The industry coined the term ‘Hosted PBX’ since your VoIP provider “hosted” your phone system on your behalf in data centers.  Today, the terminology has shifted to ‘Cloud Phone System’ or ‘Virtual Phone System’ since all of your PBX features, applications, and calling services are located “in the cloud.”

I've read mixed reviews about cloud phone systems and VoIP phone service. How can you guarantee that I won't experience dropped calls, static and outages?
One survey targeting decision-makers involved in the selection of VoIP providers showed that problems are very rare- with only one respondent out of 208 reporting dissatisfaction with call quality. (source)

Since VoIP calls are run over the public internet, cloud phone systems and VoIP phone service are reliant on network stability and quality bandwidth.   Performing a network assessment prior to installing a cloud phone system or SIP Trunking solution is the best way to avoid potential call quality issues.

Steps you can take to beef up your network to prepare for VoIP services:

  • Run Cat5e or higher cables
  • Choose a fiber-based Internet Provider if available and/or increase your bandwidth speeds (if applicable)
  • Install a Firewall and verify all computers are free of viruses, malware & trojans
  • Add a Quality of Service (QoS) router to prioritize voice traffic
  • Add a Session Border Control (SBC) device for added security
  • Separate voice and data
  • Install a SD-WAN or MPLS solution (recommended for large companies)
What happens if I lose my Internet connection?

All cloud-based applications rely on internet connectivity; however, our Cloud PBX solution provides inherent and automatic disaster recovery so when you lose your broadband connection, your communications infrastructure remains available. In other words, your internet connection is no longer a single point of failure. When your business phone system resides in the cloud, you’re provided with a variety of call routing options.

For example, our Virtual PBX includes features like automatic failover and geo-redundancy, voicemail to email, voicemail to text transcription, and all calls have the ability to be automatically forwarded and routed to virtually any person, device or location. Plus, we can architect a redundant broadband solution with multiple seamless internet connections, cutting your costs.

Do I need a new or alternate Internet connection?
You do not need a second internet connection for business resiliency; however, a second internet connection, MPLS or SD-WAN is recommended, as it provides a great way to further solidify your network solution.
Is your VoIP platform secure against Call Hacking?

Yes, our cloud phone system technology has additional protocols in place to protect your VoIP account from PBX Fraud with real-time monitoring & alerts. Additional safeguards include password-protected international calling and the ability to disable international calling completely.

Which Carrier does the platform utilize?

According to some of our clients, one of the benefits of our cloud telephone system platform is that they never have to deal with a traditional, long distance carrier again. We manage all carrier connectivity in the cloud, with ‘cross-connects’ directly to the PSTN.  Our platform includes connectivity to multiple carriers for redundancy purposes, so no single carrier issue will impact your business.  Our carriers are chosen and maintain favor with us based on their reliability and costs.

Do you recommend performing a Network Assessment prior to installation?
We recommend performing a network assessment prior to VoIP installation. ACC Telecom’s Advanced Network Assessment Tool focuses on TCP and UDP network topology to provide accurate and objective testing of voice quality on modern telephony networks such as IP.  And since no two companies are the same, ACC Telecom’s VoIP Network Assessment is custom-tailored to fit your anticipated applications and usage.

Our dedicated RiPi3 hardware and software collect data securely to analyze simulated voice traffic over your data network to measure key attributes that affect VoIP call quality including TCP bi-directional, UDP calling tests, UDP capacity, concurrent, simulated phone calls, network stability, delay, jitter, packet loss, Carrier HOPS, PING, End Mapping, and Traceroutes.

Following the assessment, you will be presented with a report detailing the collected data with any suggestions to improve your network performance. A post-test assessment will also be performed following your VoIP installation.

Is your Cloud PBX System as feature rich as traditional PBX systems?

Yes, our Cloud Phone System includes features most organizations could not afford with their existing phone system such as call recording, video & web conferencing, and main number business SMS capabilities.

You now have the ability to manage these great features via our easy to use web management portal, with no expertise needed. You’ll be able to access carrier-class scalability, and CRM/API integration such as, Outlook, and many more, providing you with a unified solution for all of your communication needs.

How does VoIP phone system costs differ from traditional phone systems?

Data shows that businesses can save between 30-75% when moving to VoIP services. Our Hosted (Cloud-based) Phone System does not require large upfront investments like traditional phone systems.

Switching to VoIP technology will reduce your operating costs upfront and over time by eliminating costs such as per-user licensing fees, on-going maintenance, software package, and simple Admin changes.  This means your expenses are actually reduced!

Our platform is continually updated to provide your business with new, enhanced capabilities and features- ensuring your business is always on the cutting edge of Virtual PBX technology!

Not All Cloud Phone Systems Are Created Equally

CoreNexa Cloud PBX Communications Platform Graphic
CoreNexa Cloud PBX Unified Communications Platform

The telecom market is saturated with Hosted PBX providers trying to win your business.  When comparing vendors, make sure their backbone is geo-redundant and offers automatic call forwarding options during power or internet outages.  Also, take time to look at a company’s telephone offerings. “Free” phones are typically very low-grade models that do not fit the needs of most businesses.  Lastly, be sure to choose a company that will travel to your site to install and support your new system.  Since cloud based phone systems rely on network stability, a lot of factors are involved in prepping your system for Voice over IP services.  We recommend performing a network assessment prior to implementing a VoIP solution.

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Please contact us to learn more about our ACC CoreNexa Cloud Hosted Phone System for businesses.  ACC Telecom is centrally located in Columbia, MD to conveniently support business phone systems throughout Maryland, Washington DC, Northern VA and beyond.

Our Cloud Voice Alliance partnership allows us to extend our footprint and serve businesses nationwide with the help of U.S.-based VoIP providers that share our same platform and carriers.  You’ll always have local support in your corner with ACC Telecom and the Cloud Voice Alliance.

The Cloud PBX Voice Alliance connects VoIP dealers across the US to offer support and services.
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