Business Messaging Stats

The stats are in! No other communications channel comes close to competing with the engagement levels of business SMS messaging.SMS / MMS text messaging is rapidly becoming the preferred...

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FBI Cybersecurity Tips

Cybersecurity Fraud Is Only Getting Worse   The explosion of AI technology, machine learning and ChatGPT has led to many positive outcomes for consumers and businesses alike; however, it has...

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Spoofing Prevention Tips

Fraud comes in many forms, and Caller ID Spoofing is no exception.  Caller ID Spoofing is the act of manipulating originating caller data to display a different caller ID name or number for...

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Toll Free Messaging Verification

As of January 31, 2024, any unregistered toll-free number that attempts to send SMS / MMS messages will be blocked.  This means that any number that is not verified will have its traffic blocked,...

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10DLC New Compliancy Tips

Whether you are currently using SMS text messaging for your business, or plan to in the future, it is important to adhere to the Mobile Network Operator's compliancy requirements for SMS messaging...

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Upgrading 3CX v20

3CX v20 is an exciting new software release, packed full of new features and functionality.  However, even though 3CX v20 is officially released-- that doesn't mean you should upgrade to this new...

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