Mass Emergency Notification System

Deliver Instant, Real-time Communications to Mass Audiences with the Push of a Button

Recommended for Schools, Government, Hospitals, Manufacturing & Enterprises

Mass Notifications is a communications technique for combining digital equipment with digital services so they work together to notify a large population of an emergency, event, outage, weather alert, and more quickly and efficiently– all with the push of a button.

ACC’s Valcom eLaunch Mass Notification System Platform

ACC Telecom’s eLaunch Mass Notifications System by Valcom provides a unified approach to communicating, rather than just focusing on voice calls, text, and email (which are considered secondary forms of emergency notifications).

Secondary alerts may be ideal for notifying parents or off-premise personnel, but how will you notify your on-premise staff, teachers, and students instantaneously if there is an emergency?  The answer is ACC’s eLaunch Mass Emergency Notification System by Valcom.

Valcom's eLaunch browser based platform for managing Mass Emergency Notifications

Unified Notifications with 800+ Actions

With over 800 delivery methods/actions, notifications are sent via smart design, so you are only notifying the right people, at the right location, and on the right device.  Send live or pre-recorded messages with voice-to-text capabilities.

Laptops showing an alert message from a school's mass notification system

With the touch of a button, choose a pre-recorded notification or use live speech-to-text to blast notifications to all or some of the following subsystems:

checkmark iconPA Systems in & around buildings

checkmark iconIP Loudspeakers in & around buildings

checkmark iconSMS Text Message, Calling, Email

checkmark iconTablets, Computers, Smartphones, SmartWatches

checkmark iconSmartphone App

checkmark iconSocial Media 

checkmark iconTVs across campus

checkmark iconSpecific Campus Areas or District Wide

checkmark iconVisual Signs/Digital Signage

checkmark iconEmergency Call Boxes & Emergency Telephones

checkmark iconIP Classroom Emergency Intercom

checkmark iconWeb Portal

checkmark iconIP Clocks, Sirens, Flashers

checkmark iconTwo-way Radio Integration

checkmark iconBroadcast thru IP telephone speakers

checkmark iconComputer Screen Pop with Acknowledgment

Lockdown/Emergency Communications & Actions

When seconds count, you want to make sure your emergency notification system is efficient and effective.  Actions taken in the first few seconds are critical to the outcome of a crisis situation.

ACC’s eLaunch by Valcom includes an easy-to-use graphical browser interface with the ability to create scenario-based notifications to reduce confusion during an emergency.  A single click automatically launches a series of notifications to specific people, rooms, floors, buildings, campus-wide, or entire districts.


Send Visual & Audible Alerts to ALL Devices & Channels Including--

checkmark icon Indoor/Outdoor Speakers
checkmark iconLEDs- TVs, Computers, Digital Signage
checkmark iconPhone System
checkmark iconMobile Devices (Tablets, Smartphones, SmartWatches)
checkmark iconIntercoms & more

Mass Notifications Digital signage LOCKDOWN message
ACC's Mass Emergency Notification system includes a map and drag/drop icons to send emergency alerts in real time to specific people or entire groups.
checkmark iconOn-site 911 Call Alerting
checkmark iconGeo-fence Intelligence
checkmark iconLockdown Status Confirmation via GUI Map
checkmark iconProvides Text to Speech, Wav Files
checkmark iconSend Live Voice or Pre-recorded Announcements
checkmark iconDesktop Alerting
checkmark iconLock Doors
checkmark iconDim Lights
checkmark iconActivate Security Cameras
checkmark iconFire Panel Integration
checkmark iconMonitors Weather Warnings
(Local, State, National)
checkmark iconInstantaneously Alert Specific People, Areas, Floors, Buildings, Campus, or Entire School District

Save $$$ by Utilizing Your Existing Systems

valcom speakers and intercom system equipment
Indoor/Outdoor Intercom & Paging Speakers and Horns

Our Unified Notification System works with any Manufacturer’s Intercom system, so there is no need to overhaul your entire communications system.

By tying together your existing assets and service providers and letting us fill in the gaps with Valcom’s eLaunch, you can form a complete and comprehensive unified mass notifications system for a fraction of the cost!

This allows an operator to launch messages to all or some of the subsystems within seconds– without having to deal individually with each subsystem.

School emergency Call Buttons
Emergency Call Buttons for Classrooms

By incorporating existing digital equipment and utilizing voice, text, video, data, IP and analog systems and services, messages are sent efficiently and in real time to multiple subsystems such as digital signage, loudspeakers, two-way radios, and more.

More than just a Notification System…

Create & Automate Bell Schedules, Announcements & Daily Communications

ACC’s Mass Notification System for schools provides much more than just emergency alerts, monitoring, and messaging. Our browser-based GUI allows you to create unlimited bell schedules with schedule overrides for weather, special events, and emergencies.

Bell schedules can be controlled and managed from the school or district level. Schedules sync via the Time Collaboration feature so all schedules, clocks, computers, tablets, mobile phones, and SmartWatches are always synchronized to the exact time.

Use our School Automation software to link live or pre-recorded announcements to your schedules such as the Pledge of Allegiance, parent pick-up notifications and bus loading/unloading safety reminders.

With our Daily Communications feature, you can easily reach a single room, building, or entire campus with live or pre-recorded voice announcements using options such as text-to-speech or Wav files uploads.

ACC's eLaunch Mass Notifications System includes creating, monitoring and automating school bell schedules and mass notifications.


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I already have a text & calling system for Mass Alerts. Why should I care about your system?

Sending text messages and outbound call dialers are considered secondary forms of mass communications because people may not answer the phone and texts are carrier-dependant for delivery.

ACC’s mass notifications system can incorporate text, calls, and e-mails, but it focuses on primary forms of mass notifications and allows you to fill in the gaps of what you’re missing– providing an all-around unified solution to notify internal and external individuals of events, emergencies, and alerts in real-time.   There are so many things that our Mass Notifications System (MNS) can do that we constantly hear, “you can do that!?”

Our MNS is more than a Mass Alert System– it can activate your security cameras, lock the doors, dim the lights, monitor appliances, and more.  It also provides extremely beneficial day-to-day operations such as creating and automating bell schedules, announcements, and daily communications.

Your customized Mass Notifications System portal will provide a floorplan of your campus, allowing you to drag and drop notifications to certain areas of the campus while utilizing text-to-speech capabilities and pre-setting notifications for any type of situation.

How does your system differ from the competition?

Our system offers the highest quality and reliability on the market today, but for a fraction of the cost.  We do not charge annual subscription or recurring licensing fees– saving your school thousands of dollars each year.  Our Mass Notifications System (MNS) also includes a mobile app, user portal, and free software updates. Furthermore, ACC’s MNS system utilizes your existing subsystems and technologies– so there is no need to overhaul your entire communications platform. Plus, our solution is fully customizable so you’re only paying for features that you need.

ACC Telecom’s Mass Notifications System offers additional functionality for everyday use such as automating bell schedules & announcements, monitoring and controlling electrical systems, activating security cameras, monitoring appliances, creating a local or district-wide geo-fence, and controlling access control systems.

Can your system be used for other industries?

Yes, our Mass Notifications System is perfect for higher education, healthcare/hospitals, manufacturing, or any large business or building that wants to provide both safety and real-time awareness in the event of an emergency.

Can I use my existing equipment?

Yes, there is no need to overhaul your entire communications system.  By tying together your existing assets and service providers and letting us fill in the gaps, you can form a complete, comprehensive, and affordable Mass Notifications System.

Is your system cloud-based or on-premise?

Our Mass Notifications System is an on-premise solution using gateways and servers.  We sell multiple Cloud-based products & services, but we DO NOT recommend placing a system of this importance in the Cloud because of bandwidth instability.

What does your system cost?

Since no two schools are the same, we recommend beginning with a site survey.  This will allow us to see what’s already in place so we can leverage your existing equipment and fill in the gaps of what’s needed.

Our Mass Notifications System is highly affordable.  We do not charge annual subscription or licensing fees– saving your school thousands of dollars each year.  Our Mass Notifications System (MNS) also includes a free mobile app, user portal, free software updates, and is customized to fit your school’s needs and budget.

Mass Notifications: It’s About Saving Lives

Mass Notifications should be one of the highest priorities on campuses. The objective is to deliver emergency messages to large numbers of people quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively. Every school should schedule a total system assessment to uncover gaps in their security plan.

Mass Notification Systems are customized to fit your budget and are available for any size or type of business.

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