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Overhead Paging Systems & More

Indoor/Outdoor Speakers, Call Buttons & Emergency Notifications.

Integrate with existing phone systems & security systems.

Our business paging systems offer up to 360 paging zones for schools, commercial, industrial, warehouses, residential properties, and government entities. By offering a variety of platforms, such as Hybrid, Full IP, SIP, VoIP and Analog solutions, we have the ability

to incorporate any type of paging intercom system solution into your existing business phone system and/or surveillance solution. Our products range from outdoor vandal-resistant horns to stylish round ceiling speakers and everything in-between.
valcom speakers and intercom system equipment

Indoor/outdoor speakers including vandal-resistant horns, stylish ceiling speakers, and wall speakers.

To deliver the highest quality and most reliable commercial paging system products on the market, we have partnered with Valcom, the leading and largest manufacturer of integrated paging system equipment

in the world.  Every office paging system is unique, which is why we work closely with Valcom engineers to provide customized paging and intercom system solutions to meet the specific needs of your business.



Special Paging Functions

checkmark iconAutomatic Sound Leveling- paging systems sample background noise and adjust paging volume accordingly.

checkmark iconSound masking for HIPAA requirements, reduce the possibility of conversations being overheard in private offices, waiting rooms, examining rooms, and pharmacy.

checkmark iconAbility to configure the paging system to page automatically when system personnel is unavailable.

checkmark iconSingle or multi-zone intercom systems with the ability to tailor pages to designated areas to avoid work disruptions.

checkmark iconIntegrated door lock/unlock security entry control with hands-free communication and remote call-in options.

checkmark iconTalkback Paging provides the ability for a two-way conversation.  Its remote speakers are equipped with a call button and/or emergency button.

School emergency Call Buttons

Talkback with Call Buttons.  Highly Recommended for Schools. 



IP Speaker with Text

All-in-One Speaker- paging, text, audio, clock, flashers & more

Valcom’s VL520 IP Speaker with Text offers multiple capabilities to enhance your school’s (or any large organization’s) ability to improve daily or emergency notifications by simultaneously broadcasting visual and auditory alerts.  When used in conjunction with our Mass Communications software, the VL520 will broadcast visual text information such as daily messages, emergency notifications, schedule changes, and clock information to one room or across an entire campus. In addition to text messaging capabilities, the

VL520 has two built-in flashers to offer visual emergency alerts as well.  The visual alert aspect is an important feature that will help your organization remain ADA compliant.  Valcom’s VL520 also distributes high-quality audio such as music, lockdown/emergency information, and paging and has the ability to switch to a Talkback Speaker for two-way conversations.  Add call-in buttons to provide a one-touch option to call into the administrative office or use it for emergency purposes.

Mass Notifications Digital signage LOCKDOWN message

IP Speaker w/ Text All-in-One Solution

checkmark iconVisual Messaging

checkmark iconAudible Alerts

checkmark iconTwo-way Communications

checkmark iconPaging

checkmark iconMusic

checkmark iconFlashers



Emergency Notifications

It’s About Saving Lives

Your paging solution is the first step in an entire suite of mass emergency notification products and services that work together seamlessly while utilizing existing communication assets and service providers.  Notifications are communicated to the masses in

seconds with a single launch point. Modes of communications include computer screen pops, IP telephone paging/alerts, social media alerts, mobile app alert, digital signage, emergency help points, call boxes, text, email, fire alarms, and so much more.

Mass Notifications System blast out Emergency screen pops on tablet

Emergency Screen Pop Alert



Learn More

ACC Telecom’s complete line of paging solutions and emergency notifications will provide your organization with a state-of-the-art paging solution to bring your organization to the next level while remaining HIPAA and ADA compliant.  No matter what your business
paging needs are, we will provide your business with turnkey or customized paging solutions from the design level to installation, programming, training, and support.  Contact us today for more information about our quality, affordable paging systems.

Thank you so much for the great work. Dave did an awesome job and I couldn't be any happier...thanks again for the excellent job!"

— Dave, Engineered Piping Products, Curtis Bay, MD 21226

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