3CX Software is an open-standard, software-based, unified communications phone system that works with a variety of IP phones and SIP trunks and can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.  With transparent pricing and affordable maintenance, the 3CX is one of the most competitive systems on the market. Every user receives video & web conferencing, smartphone apps, chat with presence, and so much more without per-user fees and add-on cost headaches common with traditional & hosted telephone systems.

3CX Software Pricing


    On-Premise or Cloud-based

  • # of Simultaneous Calls (SC) & Users

  • 4 SC (1-10 Users)
  • 8 SC (11-25 Users)
  • 16 SC (26-50 Users)
  • 24 SC (51-70 Users)
  • 32 SC (71-120 Users)
  • 48 SC (121-160 Users)
  • 64 SC (161-200 Users)
  • 96 SC (201-300 Users)
  • 128 SC (301-400 Users)
  • 192 SC (401-600 Users)
  • 256 SC (601-800 Users)
  • 512 SC (801-1550 Users)
  • 1024 SC (1551-4000 Users)
  • >1024 SC (>4000 Users)
  • 3CX PRO

  • Host in the Cloud or On-premise

  • $195 /year
  • $295 /year
  • $695 /year
  • $995 /year
  • $1350 /year
  • $2095 /year
  • $2750 /year
  • $4495 /year
  • $5995 /year
  • $8995 /year
  • $11,995 /year
  • $18,995 /year
  • $34,995 /year
  • Contact us for pricing

  • Host in the Cloud or On-premise

  • $245 /year
  • $370 /year
  • $870 /year
  • $1245 /year
  • $1690 /year
  • $2620 /year
  • $3440 /year
  • $5620 /year
  • $7495 /year
  • $11,245 /year
  • $14,995 /year
  • $23,745 /year
  • $43,745 /year
  • Contact us for pricing

  • 3CX's Hosted Cloud Environment

  • +$250 /year
  • +$250 /year
  • +$425 /year
  • +$425 /year
  • +$850 /year
  • +$850 /year
  • +$850 /year
  • +$1695 /year
  • +$1695 /year
  • +$1995 /year
  • +$1995 /year
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A


3CX Software Pricing Overview – PRO & Enterprise Licenses

3CX is priced as an annual license/subscription fee based on the number of Simultaneous Calls (SC) required.
‘Simultaneous Calls’ are defined as any internal or external call occurring at the same time.

As an industry average, 3 users require 1 call path.  In other words, a company with 50 users would need at least a 16 SC (Simultaneous Calls) license.


Upgrading Licenses

Licenses can be upgraded to the next highest SC package (ex- 8 SC to 16 SC) by simply paying the difference for the remaining period.  Licenses cannot be downgraded (ex- 16 SC to 8 SC) until annual renewal period.


Benefits of Annual License Subscriptions

3CX Licenses include one year of maintenance:

checkmark iconSoftware updates
checkmark iconSecurity enhancements
checkmark iconSmartphone app clients
checkmark iconTested phone firmware updates
checkmark iconNew versions (ex- v16 to v18)
checkmark icon& More!


Obtaining Your 3CX License

3CX software is delivered electronically and is activated by means of a license key.  Pricing does not include taxes.


Host 3CX in the Cloud or On-Premise

Since 3CX is just software, it can be placed in a cloud-based environment, such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or ACC Telecom cloud environment provided by HostWinds, or in your own virtual environment, VMWARE.

Customers may also choose to host the 3CX on an on-premise server that meets the required specifications.  Lastly, the third option is to have 3CX host your license in their own hosted cloud environment (available for select license sizes and feature requirements).



3CX’s Hosted Cloud Overview

3CX Hosted is a fully redundant cloud-based business communications system that is hosted and supported by 3CX and ACC Telecom.

3CX Hosted Cloud offers the latest and greatest features at a price point that you can afford, and includes the advanced features of 3CX Software, but allows you to get back to doing what you do best—running your business.


Worry-Free Hosted Environment

With 3CX Hosted, all software updates, security patches, and new features integrations are automatically preformed by 3CX. You’ll never have to worry about out-of-date technology or missing an important software version update.

With 3CX handling the backend- including nightly backups and 24/7 monitoring, and ACC Telecom handling front-end helpdesk support, you’ll be fully covered and worry-free.


About 3CX’s Hosted Environment

3CX’s Hosted Cloud service is powered by DigitalOcean, a worldwide company with over 78 million computing instances, 99.99% SLA, and 15 global data centers.


3CX Hosted Cloud Requirements & Limitations

checkmark iconOnly available for 3CX License sizes 4 SC – 32 SC
checkmark iconIP phones must be configured behind a 3CX SBC or approved router phone
checkmark iconCFD (Call Flow Designer) apps cannot be used
checkmark iconAll operating system management is handled by 3CX, no SSH access provided


network security

Ready To Try? Ready To Buy?

It’s time to free yourself from traditional telecom costs and maintenance and take control of your business phone system. To try 3CX for free, please visit www.3cx.com or contact ACC Telecom to schedule your FREE 3CX demonstration.

ACC Telecom is a 3CX Advanced Certified, Titanium level Dealership headquartered in Columbia, MD, serving businesses nationwide and providing on-site technical support in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, and beyond.

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