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3CX Software is an open-standard, software-based, unified communications phone system that works with a variety of IP phones and SIP trunks and can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.  With transparent pricing and affordable maintenance, the 3CX is one of

the most competitive systems on the market. Every user receives video & web conferencing, smartphone apps, chat with presence, and so much more without per-user fees and add-on cost headaches common with traditional & hosted telephone systems.


3CX Software Pricing


    On-Premise or Cloud-based

  • # of users & # of simultaneous calls (internal and external calls)

  • 1-10 Users (4 sim. calls)
  • 11-25 Users (8 sim. calls)
  • 26-50 Users (16 sim. calls)
  • 51-70 Users (24 sim. calls)
  • 71-120 Users (32 sim. calls)
  • 121-160 Users (48 sim. calls)
  • 161-200 Users (64 sim. calls)
  • 201-300 Users (96 sim. calls)
  • 301-400 Users (128 sim. calls)
  • 401-600 Users (192 sim. calls)
  • 601-800 Users (256 sim. calls)
  • 801-1550 Users (512 sim. calls)
  • 1551-4000 Users (1024 sim. calls)
  • >4000 Users (>1024 sim. calls)
  • 3CX PRO

  • Host in the Cloud or an On-premise Server

  • $145 /year
  • $265 /year
  • $595 /year
  • $895 /year
  • $1195 /year
  • $1795 /year
  • $2395 /year
  • $4045 /year
  • $4945 /year
  • $7875 /year
  • $10,495 /year
  • $16,495 /year
  • $29,995 /year
  • Contact us for pricing

  • Host in the Cloud or an On-premise Server

  • $180/year
  • $325 /year
  • $735 /year
  • $1105 /year
  • $1475 /year
  • $2215 /year
  • $2955 /year
  • $4990 /year
  • $6100 /year
  • $9710 /year
  • $12,940 /year
  • $20,340 /year
  • $36,985 /year
  • Contact us for pricing

3CX is priced as an annual license/subscription fee based on the number of simultaneous (SIM) calls required.  As an industry average, 3 extensions require one call path, i.e.- a company with 50 extensions would need at least 16 simultaneous calls.  Licenses can be upgraded to the next highest sim. call package by simply paying the difference for the remaining period.

License pricing includes one year of maintenance: including but not limited to free software updates, security enhancements, smartphone clients, tested phone firmware updates, and new versions (ex- v14 to v15).

3CX software is delivered electronically and is activated by means of a license key.  Pricing does not include taxes.



  • Product Support

  • Unlimited Remote Support (1-20 extensions)
  • Unlimited Remote Support (21-40 extensions)
  • Unlimited Remote Support (41-80 extensions)
  • Unlimited Remote Support (81-150 extensions)
  • Unlimited Remote Support (151+ extensions)
  • Product Support Cost

  • $295/year or $26.99/month
  • $495/year or $44.99/month
  • $995/year or $89.99/month
  • $1250/year or $109.99/month
  • pricing upon request

Support is available via designated IT admin certified contacts only and allows ACC to contact 3CX on your behalf via ticket system and phone. 3CX Support does not include support for users of the phone system, as network knowledge is required.  This coverage pertains to supported services and hardware only.  End users will also receive free help desk support from ACC Telecom.



  • Pricing per SIP Channel

  • Nationwide U.S. Calling + Canada
  • PBX License
  • Geo-Redundant
  • Disaster Recovery
  • HD Voice
  • Call Accounting
  • Online User Portal
  • Multi-office Networking
  • SMS Text Messaging

  • Price based on a 10 user account. Pricing may increasing depending upon number of users.

    Starting at


    per month

  • Pricing upon request

Specifically designed for IP phone systems, ACC’s geo-redundant SIP Trunks are the perfect companion to the 3CX IP phone system.  As a SIP Trunk provider, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) allows us to packetize and prioritize voice traffic over digital circuits, offering higher quality and more reliability than standard VoIP service.  SIP is typically more cost-effective and scalable than traditional phone service alternatives.  And with our geo-redundant platform and failover features, you can rest assured that you’ll always be accessible no matter where business may take you.


cloud and phone icon inside circle, indicating IP phone


Request a quote button for the 3CX business phone system for businesses in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia.

It’s time to free yourself from traditional telecom costs and maintenance and take control of your business phone system. To try 3CX for free, please visit or contact ACC Telecom to schedule your FREE 3CX demonstration in Columbia, Maryland, Washington DC, Fairfax, VA, and the surrounding areas.