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Overhead Paging Systems


Our business paging systems offer up to 360 paging zones for commercial, industrial, residential properties and government entities.

By offering a variety of platforms, such as Hybrid, Full IP, SIP, VoIP and Analog solutions, we have the ability to incorporate any type of paging intercom system solution into your existing business phone system and/or surveillance solution. Our products range from wireless intercom systems in warehouses to stylish, multi-use residential applications.

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To deliver the highest quality and most reliable commercial paging system products on the market, we have partnered with Valcom, the leading and largest manufacturer of integrated paging system equipment in the world.

Every office paging system is unique, which is why we work closely with Valcom engineers to provide customized paging and intercom system solutions to meet the specific needs of your business.


  • Automatic Sound Leveling- paging systems sample background noise and adjust paging volume accordingly.
  • Ability to configure paging system to page automatically when system personnel are unavailable.
  • Single or multi-zone intercom systems with the ability to tailor pages to designated areas to avoid work disruptions.
  • Sound masking for HIPPA requirements, reduce the possibility of conversations being overheard in private offices, waiting rooms, examining rooms, and pharmacy.
  • Integrated door lock/unlock security entry control with hands-free communication and remote call-in options.
  • Talkback expandable paging system provides remote speakers equipped with a call button to call the attendant location. Highly Recommended for Education Facilities.



IT’S ABOUT SAVING LIVES.  Your paging solution is the first step in an entire suite of mass notification products and services that work together seamlessly while utilizing existing communication assets and service providers.   Your system should have multiple modes of communication- including both audio and visual-  to ensure notifications reach all end users during any circumstance.

Click here to learn how you can communicate in seconds with a single launch point via computer screen pops, IP telephone paging/alerts, social media, LCD monitors, emergency help points, call boxes, visual notifications, text messaging, email, and fire alarms.



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Professional Overhead Paging Systems Catalog

No matter what your business paging needs are, we will provide your business with turnkey or customized paging solutions from the design level to installation, programming, training, and support.

Contact us today for more information about our quality, affordable paging systems.

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