Phone Lines

Phone Lines

Delivering voice in a variety of ways:

  • Analog (POTS/Copper)
  • Digital (ISDN, PRI)
  • VoIP (SIP)

When many of us ordered the phone lines we currently use for our business, we didn’t have many options. We actually purchased one phone line for each inbound or outbound conversation required on a daily basis.

Phone lines were bought the same way we used our residential lines. Maybe we got really fancy and pushed the envelope by routing a toll-free 800 to our main published number. In other words, we bought individual phone lines for voice or fax that sit idle unless used. And with the analog lines, there can only be one number that travels across that line and that’s all.

With business phone line capacities that exceed the threshold I outlined above, a shared digital PRI or VoIP SIP circuit approach is the smart choice for many.

Phone lines are new and improved:

A PRI or SIP circuit offers 23 B channels for voice, video and data traffic via a T-1. SIP offers over 30. You can run 20-60 numbers over one PRI or SIP circuit. This allows for better call center backup, overflow and alternate routing. Digital in nature, PRI’s and SIP trunks are equally good at handling voice or data. PRI and SIP circuits have become the chosen access method for business voice traffic.

Here’s what you get:

  • Elimination of pricey inbound/outbound voice lines
  • Virtual numbers will eliminate long distance charges
  • Routing of faxes more efficiently
  • Retaining and porting of existing numbers to your new PRI or SIP circuit
  • Consolidation of internet access on same “pipe”
  • Scale-up easily with minimum cost
  • Voice, data, video, and fax on PRI or SIP T1 communications circuit
  • Free enhanced features, ie. Caller ID and DID’s (Anyone can have their own private phone line #)

When ordering your ISDN PRI or SIP circuit, give us a call and we can help you decide what would be more efficient for your business. We offer communications circuits solutions and address hardware and software requirements needed to interface with your new service. They also play a large part of coordinating your installation, training, and support. Whether you have a single site, or a multi site network, we’ve got you covered anywhere in the country!


Please let us help you by clicking below. No one should be paying too much for phone lines anymore now that these kinds of technologies, are available. Fill out the form by clicking the picture below, from anywhere in the United States, and we will be back with all your options in just a couple hours!  You will learn about and get the best pricing on SIP and PRI phone line Circuits and SIP and PRI Services. We work with all the major providers of these services and have a very good reputation with them. This is what we do; all the work you don’t have to in order to get the best rate possible for your business’ office.

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