3CX v18.2+ Coming Soon

3CX software version v18 is finally here for both Linux and Windows and is packed with new features and improvements.  But 3CX isn’t taking an easy during the holidays–they’ve provided us with a sneak peak on new enhancements and features that are coming soon to v18 update 2 (v18.2) with an anticipated launch in Q1 of 2022.  

3CX v18 Update 2 Enhancements & New Features:


  • Interface for handling multiple chats


  • Option to configure your own MCU
  • New codec AV1
  • BYO MCUs for Video Conferencing
  • Recurring Meetings
  • Auto-update of Extension Status
  • Group-based Meeting Rooms


  • For Apps: Car Play, Android Auto, Android 12, Siri
  • Google Messaging
  • Apple iMessaging
  • Telegram in consideration
  • MMS
  • SMS – alphanumeric sender ID
  • Chat Rating
  • Email Chat Transcripts
  • Source of URL of Website Chat
  • More Reporting
  • Better CRM integration for Chat
  • Chat “IVR”
  • Yealink Headset Support
  • Zammad Integration
    • Allow for escalating/transfer of tickets to Zammad
    • User syncing with Zammad
    • Use same answer library with Zammad
    • Can install on same machine with small licenses
  • HelpDesk/Ticketing System
    • Bundle/Integrate Zammad
      • Open source system
      • Runs on Debian Linux
      • Use almost identical technology as 3CX (Postgres)
      • Can integrate email ticketing
      • One integrated system


How to Upgrade to v18.2 

To upgrade to v18.2, please contact your ACC Account Manager or ACC Support to schedule your software update.  ACC Telecom customers with active support packages will be automatically upgraded to v18.2 once it becomes available. 


ACC Telecom is a Titanium-level, advanced certified 3CX dealer and SIP Trunk provider serving clients throughout the United States.  Contact ACC Telecom for all of your 3CX business communication needs. 

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