v20 Call Manager

3CX reengineered their OS from the “ground up” to implement current and future security enhancements, increase scalability and launch new enhancements.  3CX Call Manager was no exception– boasting an entirely new Call Manager based on the experience of 15 years and 350,000+ installations.  Completely rewritten to focus on larger installs, the new Call Manager handles more calls and offers better performance, as well as diversion header support.  Group SMS, a popular feature request, is now included as well!   We’ve included just some of the new Call Manager features below, with additional updates happening under the hood.

Efficiency Updates

  • Increased power to handle more users
  • New internal API which improves features such as parking, conference & more.
  • More efficient ring grouping by including an external number.
  • Immediate call pickup and faster listen-in
  • Increased accuracy of call transfers
  • Added new telephony features (ex- transfer back on busy)
  • New multi-line queue strategy to support agent targeting (even if in busy status)
  • Queues & IVRs now have group office hours

New Reports

Utilizing the new Call Manager OS, 3CX was able to simplify and increase the accuracy of the call logs from which the reports are generated.  3CX has confirmed that reporting updates will be a priority after update one.


  • New reports, including visual reports
  • Dashboard info reporting
  • Daily, weekly, monthly reports
  • Improved call logging & CDRs
  • Queue Stats:
    • Average wait time for inbound calls
    • Avg. talk time for all calls
    • Avg. calls per hour
  • Reports on call totals:
    • Inbound, outbound, internal
    • Answered, abandoned
    • Talk time

Receptionist Panel

  • New Receptionist View for easier processing of calls
  • Integrates with 0365 Calendar to quickly see if someone is busy
  • Drag & drop calls


3CX’s revamped wallboard includes outbound and inbound views and is now configurable.



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