3CX is a Team Player with Microsoft Teams Integration

Available with Version 18 (v18) Software Update

3CX v18 is now available for both Linux and Windows and is packed with new features and improvements, including integration with Microsoft Teams.  There is no need to pay up to $50+ per user per month– integrate your 3CX and enjoy all of the advanced 3CX features such as contact center capabilities, open-source technology, API & CRM integrations, and more while still using Teams as needed!  

Teams Integration

3CX natively supports Microsoft Teams offering a cost-effective alternative to Team’s Calling Plan.  Users can call out via 3CX SIP Trunks leveraging lower cost domestic and international rates and eliminate unnecessary Teams licensing fees.

  • Integrate 3CX with Teams- no cost trial offers available
  • Mix & match users with 3CX calling abilities and Teams calling abilities to save money on domestic and international calling plans.
  • Team users and 3CX users can seamlessly call each other or external parties
  • Make outbound calls via 3CX SIP Trunks
  • 3CX uses direct routing (SBC Trunking) which is more reliable & stable then connecting directly via a SBC, plus save $ on SBC licensing since 3CX natively integrations with Teams.
  • No Teams-compatible headsets or IP phones required.  
  • Utilize advanced 3CX features such as call queues & routing, ring groups, paging, IVR Auto Attendants and advanced call reporting.
3CX and Microsoft Teams integration

Screenshot of 3CX business communications system integrating with Microsoft Teams.


How to Upgrade to v18 

To upgrade to v18, please contact your ACC Account Manager or ACC Support to schedule your software update.  ACC Telecom customers with active support packages will be automatically upgraded to v18 in the coming weeks. 


ACC Telecom is a Titanium-level, advanced certified 3CX dealer and SIP Trunk provider serving clients throughout the United States.  Contact ACC Telecom for all of your 3CX business communication needs. 

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