4 out of 5 Workers don’t Obey BYOD Rules- How Will You Keep Your Network Secure?


Today GEN Y and GEN Z professionals prefer smartphones over desktop phones, and with 4 out 5 workers ignoring their company’s bring your own device (BYOD) policy.  As a business owner, using devices that are not approved by your IT security team could result in security breaches and compromising sensitive business data.  

Did you know that most web malware encounters come from the most popular online tasks, such as online ads, online searches, games and business sites, and email?  You are 182 times more likely to get a virus from an online ad than a pornographic site.  Online shopping is 21 times riskier than counterfeit software sites especially for larger organizations, which are 2 1/2 times more likely to encounter web malware.  Online searches, shopping, and content sharing are growing exponentially and riskier than ever- so how will you keep your organization’s network safe?

Get the facts, learn more about network security and cybersecurity.  



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