A business phone system suite of applications including IP phones, business enterprise app with video chat, and video conference calling from mobile phones and tablets.

If you are planning to overhaul your telecommunications technology including systems, services, and equipment then it is important to consider leasing as a way pay for your newly upgraded technology.

There are many benefits to leasing and as long as you pay on time and set a reminder to contact your leasing company at the end of the term, there are very little risks involved with this form of financial transaction.

5 Benefits of Leasing Your Technology Investments:

  1. Leasing enables a company to leverage more technology for the improvement of business flow while conserving cash resources.  Pay for equipment AS you use it with easy monthly budgeting of infrastructure costs.

  3. Leasing ensures that technology is protected against obsolescence by enabling a periodic replacement of equipment and applications so you always have the most current technology.

  5. Leasing is not just for hardware. Combine software, equipment, ACC professional services (install, programming, support), Cabling, Surveillance, and Phone Service costs into one low, easy monthly payment.

  7. Leasing provides a simple line item expense on an income statement.  This allows the acquisition of technology to be carried as an operating expense tax write off as opposed to an asset acquisition.

  9. Leasing is an “off balance sheet” resource.

If you are interested in upgrading your telecommunications technology, contact ACC Telecom today for your complimentary proposal and leasing options!



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