February is Free and Open Source Software Month (#FOSSFeb).

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Founded by Onyx Point, Inc., and approved by the Registrar at National Day Calendar in 2017, FOSS was recognized to highlight the cooperative principles of open source software and the contributions this approach to software development continues to produce.  

Though open-source and open-standards software are different things, utilizing “open” software in general drives innovation and customization of products or services that might otherwise be locked down by manufacturers.  

A well-known example of open-standard software is Wi-Fi.  Have you ever noticed that Wi-Fi seems to work the same with any phone, computer, or router?  If Wi-Fi was not open standards it would make interoperability with these devices nearly impossible. 

We take these types of open standards for granted but they bring huge benefits to our lives daily.  Continue reading below to learn more about open standards technology with our communications and surveillance solutions.

A Nod to Open Software

“Eagle Eye Networks is a strong supporter of Open Source software in all its different forms.  Our teams regularly contribute bug fixes and enhancements to all the Open Source projects we utilize. We work hard to report bugs, work on solutions, and provide patches to make open source better. We firmly believe that open is better.” 

—Eagle Eye Networks


Though our solutions are not considered open source, (as their coding cannot be modified), many are open standards and open platform compatible which is a nod to the open-source initiative.

The essence of open standards and open platform compatible technology has always been innovation.  Open software rejects the idea of proprietary software–which cannot be freely available for adoption, implementation or updates to meet your business needs.  

Our 3CX communications system, for example, is an open-standard software designed to allow developers to easily and inexpensively imbue it with a rich feature set, custom API integrations, and synchronize with other systems such as CRMs. 

Eagle Eye Networks, our cloud-based surveillance system, is open-platform compatible which works with many different security camera models & manufacturers and similar to 3CX, can integrate with an infinite number of other applications.

The benefits of using open communications software such as 3CX include significant costs savings, scalability, custom integrations, and more.

While we acknowledge open-source and open-standards are not the same thing, they both share the same goal of innovation & proprietary vendor freedom. 

Interested in exploring open standards communications?  Download your complimentary 3CX trial license here



ACC Telecom is a 40+ year veteran in the telecommunications industry and has seen it all–analog to digital, key systems to hybrid PBX,  cloud-based hosted phone systems to open standards VoIP software.  ACC Telecom can service and support all of your communications needs.  Contact us today to learn more about our Cloud-based or open-standards VoIP systems and solutions.

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