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Breathe New Life into Your Digital Phone System


Gradually Move to VoIP Without ANY Upgrades to Your Digital Phone System

Using ACC’s V0IP-to-Analog converter technology, businesses with older phone systems can move their phone lines from analog to IP and experience the wonderful benefits of Voice over IP technology- and the best part is there are no equipment costs or system upgrades needed!   

TOP 10 Benefits of VoIP for a Digital Phone System:



-No phone system upgrades or new equipment purchases.



-Never lose a phone call if your phone system, Internet or Voicemail goes down.  Automatically forwards calls to your cell phone.



-Criminals are now hacking into old phone systems at an alarming rate- racking up thousandths of dollars in long distance calls.    With ACC’s technology you’ll have the ability to require a PIN code for international calls or disable international calling completely.



-Receive faxes to an e-mail account & send faxes from e-mail account.  Save $$$ on fax machine maintenance, ink/toner, paper, etc.

-Send and receive multiple faxes to multiple numbers at once.

-Keep existing fax number or order a new one.

-Run reports on Hosted Faxing activity via your online user portal.



-CALL ACCOUNTING REPORTS: Run call usage reports on incoming & outgoing calls, specific DIDs/toll-free numbers, and internal calls with the ability to export data.  Hosted fax activity reports also available.

-ACTIVITY GRAPHS:  View graphs on call volume (by date, hour, number or extension) & call types (incoming, outgoing or both).

-PATH USAGE GRAPHS:  View graphs on On-Demand-Virtual-Path usage.  This graph shows how many lines are used simultaneously (by hour, day, week or month).  This is a good indicator of how many call paths a business really needs.  Businesses can choose to increase or decrease their phone lines based on this data.



-Seamlessly transition to a Hosted phone system when ready.  Just need to add IP phones.



-TIME SCHEDULED ROUTING: automatically routes calls to an outside number at a scheduled time/day.  Ex- doctors often route after-hour calls to an answering service.  This is done automatically- set up once, never have to change again.

-CALL FORWARDING:  forward calls to outside numbers, directly to voicemail, time frames, etc.



-Keep existing phone numbers/toll-free numbers or purchase new numbers.



-Unlimited local & long distance (Nationwide) calling including Canada and Puerto Rico for a low monthly cost.



-Save up to 60% with SIP Trunks “Internet Phone Lines” compared to analog lines.

-No equipment costs, small installation fee only

-Unlimited Nationwide calling

-PBX migration

-disaster recovery

-Reduce your chances of being hacked- saving $1000

-Hosted Faxing- save money by eliminating toner, paper, time, maintenance, spam faxing, etc.


Don’t let your business fall behind with old technology.  Contact ACC Telecom for your free network assessment and consultation.


ACC Telecom is headquartered in Columbia, MD and specializes in voice and data communication solutions.



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