Contact centers are suited for businesses of every type.

Contact centers are suited for businesses of every type.

Contact centers – and call centers – are not just for organizations that handle thousands of interactions daily, they are also suited for smaller businesses of every type. Contact Center applications often come with, or may be added to, your premises or cloud VoIP phone system. In either case, they can be expanded to accommodate additional agents and tools as business needs change.

Flexible Customer Engagement

Through unified communications integration, contact center agents can use voice, web chat, email, SMS texting, and instant messaging to engage callers over their preferred media. Agents and supervisors can also log into the contact center and manage customer calls from mobile devices.

In addition to music or announcements on hold, overflow callers can be kept informed with estimated wait times and changes in their queue status, and even directed to self-help online resources.  After a pre-determined time, they can be invited to leave a callback number with the Call-Back-in-Queue (CBIQ) feature.

Single Transaction Assistance

Productivity tools are available that integrate soft phones with live voice, online presence, video, and screen pops so agents can quickly identify customers and message or conference in available subject matter experts – all with the goal of providing assistance in a single transaction.

Today’s contact center solutions can be extended with telecommuting features that let agents and supervisors work from home or remote offices as if they were in the office.  Distributing call center staff at different work locations also provides a hedge against local emergencies that may cause the main office to become temporarily inaccessible.

Business Process Improvement

Regardless of their location, supervisors can track and report on multimedia agent, queue, and trunk performance, ultimately optimizing business processes and improving the customer experience.

A contact center can also provide the means for collecting customer feedback that could lead to improving business with surveys.  With an add-on capability, calls may be recorded to validate transactions, resolve disputes, or meet regulatory requirements.

It’s Your Call

Your business has one chance to make a lasting impression.  ACC has contact and call center solutions, including the ability to let agents work remotely with mobility applications. We help your people make customer interactions count by delivering a personalized experience to everyone.

Contact ACC Telecom to discuss your contact center needs, deployment options, and call handling features.

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