CoreNexa 7.0 UCaaS Video Collaboration on computer screen

CoreNexa Video Collaboration solution + hosted phone system

Since Zoom is such a wildly popular video conferencing tool, I’m sure most of you are rolling your eyes when reading that CoreNexa could even come close to competing.  I’m here to tell you…it can. 

Not only is it a next-generation, all-in-one video conferencing solution with the latest (and coolest) features, like Lightboards, Bookmarks, Simultaneous Sharing, Private Side-bar, Lock & Knock, and Huddle Rooms, but it’s also a full-blown enterprise-grade business communications system. 

CoreNexa combines voice, video, messaging, mobility, collaboration, contact center, and more into one virtual system.  There are other similar solutions out there, but CoreNexa Video really sets this system apart from the competition.  Here are the top 10 high-value features of CoreNexa video.




  1. Lightboard Mode (also known as the “Weatherperson” feature): The Lightboard or “Weatherperson” feature allows a user to utilize a virtual screen to populate text, pictures, & applications onto the viewer’s screen. Just as Meteorologist can populate and point to maps and weather-related information that are super-imposed on their screens, this feature uses the same technology. Very useful for teachers, trainers, and sales professionals.
CoreNexa Hosted PBX video Lightboard mode screenshot

Image 1.1: CoreNexa Lightboard mode

2)   Bookmarks: save frequently accessed applications such as email, calendars, CRM data, etc. into your meeting room so there is no need to move outside the meeting to check emails, access your calendar, or other applications.

3)  Simultaneous Screen Sharing: share multiple screens and presentations at the same time. No more “passing the control” to share screens.

4)  Private Sidebar with Audio, Video & File Share: Ability for two people to hold a side conversation, share files, etc. during the initial meeting, while still hearing the audio from the initial meeting.

5)  Multi-tasking: Examples include scheduling another meeting while in a meeting, outbound dialing from meeting, & bring callers into the meeting if they are having difficulty joining.

6)  Lock & Knock: Privacy controls for Meeting and Huddle Rooms; users can lock meetings requiring outside participants to “knock” for entry.

7)  Multiple Cameras & Flexible Video Tiles: Create a powerful video experience using multiple HD web cameras during your meeting. Video Tiles can also be moved and rearranged for optimal viewing.

CoreNexa Video Collaboration video tiles

CoreNexa video conference system with flexible video tiles

8)  Huddle Rooms, ‘Communities’, Webinars, Conferences: A true collaboration tool, create user groups, rooms & communities for ultimate collaboration with the Rooms package.

9)  Custom Branding: Showcase your brand on your meetings to create an Enterprise-level image of your business.

10)  Cloud or Hybrid Deployments & Bring Your Own Phone System: CoreNexa is a cloud-based video collaboration tool and Hosted phone system; however, CoreNexa Video can be integrated into any phone system and/or physical conference rooms.


If you are interested in learning more, or seeing a demo of the product, please contact us.  Schedule your demo and no-obligation consultation today!


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