With UCedge, customer assistance is handled from any location, and with any device.

With UCedge, customer assistance is handled from any location, and with any device.

Toshiba’s UCedge mobile app now enables agents and supervisors to manage customer calls and Contact Center functions from virtually anywhere, using a mobile device or computer.

With the UCedge client and built-in softphone installed on a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac computer, your contact center agents and supervisors can handle calls from any location – in the office, at home, or on the road – to provide customer assistance in a single transaction.

Agents and supervisors can pair the UCedge client with a Toshiba desk phone to conveniently initiate dialing via computer or mobile device.  UCedge works on Toshiba’s VIPedge and IPedge phone systems, as well as Strata CIX systems with an IP edge Application Server.

Contact Center Features

Supervisors can see the group status and communicate with agents through instant messaging.  Other contact center features include:

  • Agent/Supervisor Login – login to all or selected groups
  • Agent Status Change – set up automatic status changes when on a call
  • Call Handling – manage calls, including after-call wrap-up
  • Call Notes – input notes for later review
  • Broadcast – send important notifications to all ACD group members at once
  • Real-time Display – view calls in queue, wait times and status of group agents
  • Warning – receive warning messages and tones according to defined criteria
  • Agent Help – send help calls or instant messages to supervisors or other agents
  • Supervisor Monitor – monitor calls for quality assurance or agent evaluation

Business Benefits

The new contact center capabilities build upon the UC capabilities already available with the UCedge client software:

  • Work from anywhere using personal or business mobile devices as a business phone extension
  • Enable easier connections with one-number reach, in or out of the office or out of the country
  • Protect mobile number privacy by displaying only the office phone number in caller ID
  • Manage office voice mails easily and quickly with a visual interface on a mobile device
  • Place long distance and international calls to contacts from a cell phone at landline rates
  • Stay in touch while traveling internationally
  • Get more done using instant messaging (IM) with colleagues who are busy or on the phone
  • Access consolidated call and IM history information from multiple devices via the cloud-based Google Drive service
  • See the status of UCedge colleagues or Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync) Server users before calling them
  • Rapidly find contacts in a list synchronized with the office phone system and user-provided avatars

Free Download 

The UCedge Client is free and available for these platforms at the following locations:

Contact ACC Telecom to discuss your contact center needs, deployment options, and call handling features. Send an email to solutions@acctelecom.com or give us a call at any of the following numbers:

  • 410-995-0101 (main)
  • 888-226-2216 (toll-free)
  • 202-347-0127 (Washington DC)
  • 703-281-3400 (Northern VA)
  • 301-621-4646 (Western MD)

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