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Superior sound is absolutely necessary to your business, and is a must-have in the telecom industry. Settling for a headset with mediocre sound is a big mistake.

It sounds like a no-brainer: you should be looking for the headset with the best sound quality you can find.  But sound quality is influenced by many different factors, and it’s more than just a luxury.  Superior sound is absolutely necessary to your business, and is a must-have in the telecom industry.  Settling for a headset with mediocre sound is a big mistake.  So, you should be fully aware of what you should be looking for when you search for your business’ headsets.  Here’s what you should be looking for when it comes to sound quality, and why it matters.

What Makes Superior Sound Quality?

Merely listening to the sound coming from a headset and deciding it’ll have to do is not enough to determine whether or not the sound quality is sufficient.  Frequency response and bandwidth is incredibly important; this means that your headset should pick up the lowest and highest frequency possible.  The amount of distortion, which is the difference between sound input and output, needs to be perfect.  Secondly, the Speech to Ambient Noise Ratio, or SANR, must indicate that the headset filters out ambient noise relative to voice.  Finally, a headset must be able to immediately adjust loudness at the beginning of a call.  The complicated nature of sound quality is one that requires extensive information about the product itself.

Why Does it Matter?

Sound quality matters for several important reasons.  For one, if those wearing headsets can’t hear the client correctly, they’re more likely to make mistakes.  This could cause huge problems within the health industry or the finance industry that relies on perfectly recorded information.  Having to ask continually for a client to repeat themselves is not only time consuming, but leaves a bad impression of the business and its customer service.  Sound quality must be superb.  Otherwise, you risk time, money, and your clients’ business.

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