VoIP may require some network fine-tuning.

VoIP may require some network fine-tuning.

Voice over IP is a real-time application that runs over your IP data networks.  To ensure conversations are loud and clear requires having enough bandwidth available and properly setting up the switches, routers, and firewall. If any of these are ignored, users at both ends of the conversation could be in for a bad experience.


Confirm bandwidth

Since voice and data will share the same network, there must be enough bandwidth to accommodate both.  This requires that the existing LAN-WAN infrastructure be audited and tested to see if there is enough available capacity to handle the additional voice traffic and VoIP’s real-time performance requirements.


Proper network settings

Beyond assessing capacity, the LAN switches and routers must be configured to give voice traffic the highest priority to prevent unnecessary delay that could disrupt the smooth flow of conversations. For example, many businesses use a firewall to protect their internal network. A firewall could get in the way of VoIP, but with some fine-tuning, specific port ranges can be set up to allow signaling and voice traffic to securely pass through the firewall.


We make VoIP easy

A thorough VoIP readiness network assessment performed by ACC Telecom will reveal all the potential performance problems so they can be addressed before your VoIP system is deployed.

Contact ACC Telecom to request a network assessment and receive a complimentary quote or voice over IP services.


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