Every business needs to secure itself from unwanted intruders and unauthorized access to restricted spaces. This is where access control comes in: These systems offers a layer of security to prevent unwanted comings and goings. Access control systems can be as simple as a lock on a door, video door box, or as complex as a biometric facial scanner and the unique needs of a business will dictate the type of access control they require. Learn more about the benefits of electronic access control systems in today’s blog.



Electronic access control systems can take business security to the next level.

The Benefits of Electronic Access Control Systems


Electronic access control systems can minimize costs

One of the greatest benefits offered by electronic access control systems is the long-term savings that can be realized by doing away with keyed systems that need regular maintenance. With an electronic system, locks never need to be re-keyed and because of the enhanced security they offer, they can often negate the need for additional security measures, such as security guards. If a business chooses to use smart cards, they can be easily re-programmed in the event of loss or theft and updates to the system are simple and quick to implement in the case of a security breach that requires an expedient changes. Electronic access control systems are easy to customize to your needs and update as those needs change.


Keep records

Another major benefit of electronic access control systems is that the fact that they are capable of capturing data about who has had access to particular spaces. When there is a security breach, a systems manager can find out whose smart card was used to access the space. This can also help prevent instances of internal theft as employees are less likely to steal when they know that their actions can easily be traced back to them.


Integrated solutions

Perhaps best of all, ACC Telecom security solutions can work together to provide an integrated security solution for your business. For example, electronic access control systems can be integrated with phone, intercom, and surveillance systems in order to provide an immediate alert when someone enters the door. Additionally, ACC Telecom’s web user interface and multi-platform mobile applications allow you to monitor the security of your business, no matter where you are.


Ready for the perfect electronic access control system for your business?

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