Yealink DECT and Bluetooth Headsets

Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) is widely used in business phone systems to connect cordless phones and wireless headsets to a base station.  DECT technology provides reliable and secure wireless solutions for employees that need to make and take calls while moving around the office.   

DECT uses a secure 64-bit encryption so once the headsets or phones pair to their base station the chance of someone listening in on a conversation is virtually non-existent.  DECT also works near the 1.9 GHz frequency band, so it does not interfere with other wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.  

In comparison to Bluetooth, DECT typically offers a greater range of signal– around 330 feet.  Bluetooth ranges can vary from Class 1 (330 feet, typical for a Bluetooth-enabled headset and base) to Class 3 (3 feet, usually reserved for keyboards or mice).  A smartphone with Bluetooth capability is considered Class 2, which is only 33 feet.   As an example, using a Bluetooth headset & base to answer calls will offer around 330 feet of range, whereas if that same headset was connected to a smartphone, the range would adjust to class 2, or 33 feet.  

Yealink DECT vs Bluetooth Phones

Other factors to consider when comparing DECT technology to Bluetooth is connectivity considerations.  Multiple DECT phones can connect to one base station, but a DECT headset, for example, can only connect to one other device at a time–usually a phone or computer.  Bluetooth on the other hand, can typically connect to 8 other devices simultaneously, such as a user’s smartphone, computer, tablet and desk phone. 

Users that are office-centric and only need their headset to sync to their computer or desk phone, should consider using a DECT headset.  However, if the user is mobile-centric and needs to connect to multiple devices, then a Bluetooth headset is the ideal choice.   


ACC Telecom is a premier Yealink partner and reseller of both DECT and Bluetooth-enabled headsets, cordless phones, and desk phones.  Please visit our website to learn more about DECT and Bluetooth telecommunications device options.

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