The FCC has eliminated pricing regulations for all carriers and service providers on POTS lines in the USA.  Since then, customers have reported a 300-500% increase on their POTS services. 

Customers are also receiving notifications that they have 90 days to move their POTS line service or lose their numbers due to carriers eliminating the service altogether. Simply put, it’s too expensive to maintain old infrastructure and cooper lines. Continue reading

FCC POTs Line Order

What Are My Options for Fire, Alarm, Elevator & Other Specialty Lines?

Specialty POTS Lines Replacement building map

ACC Telecom offers AReS™, an enterprise-class, custom router-based solution for specialty line replacement.

AReS™ Analog Replacement Hardware compliancy includes:

  • FCC- Approved Life Safety Connection
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • NFPA 72 Model (National Fire Protection Association standards)
  • MFVN (Managed Facilities-based Voice Network)


AReS™ Analog Replacement Hardware Service & Support includes:

  • Lifetime Warranty & Support
  • 24-hr Battery Backup with Optional Failover, Wi-Fi & QoS
  • Ongoing Monitoring & Technical Support
  • Enterprise-class Cradlepoint LTE/4G/5G Router Options
  • Dual-SIM Cat 4 to Cat 18
  • Up to 8 FXS (analog) Ports
  • Advanced Routing Capabilities
  • Cloud Management Portal

Specialty POTS Lines Replacement Router Options

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