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With the spread spread of the Coronavirus, specifically COVID-19, some companies are scrambling to continue business processes by allowing employees to work remotely.

3CX business communications system solution offers a free, HIPAA compliant video and web conferencing tool that is integrated into their software so scheduling and launching on-demand conferences has never been easier.

To see a live, interactive demo of the 3CX video/web meeting tool, click here.  You can invite participants by clicking on the shareable link in the top right.

3CX software includes mobile apps, instant chat/IM, user presence status, online Admin management portal, web client, softphone, etc. for all phone system users without per-user/extension fees, application fees, or additional licensing fees.

3CX is software-based and can be installed on a cloud server with a remote installation.  You can upgrade to the 3CX phone system in days, not weeks, without ACC ever coming onsite.  Continue reading about how 3CX is the perfect solution for companies seeking an all-in-one remote working solution.

IP business phone system with integrated Video Conferencing showing users video chatting in Columbia, MD, Washington DC, Baltimore MD and Reston, VA

3CX Free Web & Video Conferencing Solution featuring video, polls/surveys, chat, recording, file share, white board, and more.



ACC Telecom is a Titanium 3CX Dealership with Advanced certification.  Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, ACC serves businesses nationwide with our 3CX and VoIP, Cloud PBX and SIP solutions.  With over 40 years in the telecommunications industry, ACC Telecom has the experience to customize, install, and support your new business phone system solution.  Learn more about ACC Telecom’s communications and surveillance solutions by visiting www.acctelecom.com.


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