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The best way to ensure that you’re experiencing the best conference call possible is to upgrade your system to a Yealink Conference Phone or system.

Do you find yourself struggling and dreading conference phone calls because of your outdated phone technology?  Sometimes, the technology you use in your business conference calls is making the difference between clear and poor communication.  The best way to ensure that you’re experiencing the best conference call possible is to upgrade your system to a Yealink Conference Phone or conferencing system.  Curious about what this piece of tech can do for your business?  Read on to find out all the benefits!

yealink conference room phone with mics

Meeting Your Needs


Yealink conference phone systems come in a wide variety of models, so you can match one perfectly to your businesses’ needs.  For example, Yealink conference room systems and IP conference room phones can be chosen in accordance to the size of your meeting room, by choosing the model with the right acoustics.  There are models designed for all phone systems, including analog, VoIP, and digital PBX.  And don’t forget options such as built-in wifi and Bluetooth wireless model; that can be transferred to difference conference rooms, and can be connected to calls from pretty much everywhere.


Yealink conference room system

A Realistic Experience


Yealink conference phone systems solve a lot of issues when it comes to giving you the best conference experience possible.  They boast an entirely realistic experience, with models that use noise cancelation, auto-focus and follow, and HD Voice, designed specifically to capture each pitch and tone of the human voice.  It’ll sound like you’re in the room speaking to someone in person!  Yealink phone conference systems also offer the ability to cancel out background noises, and it also helps to focus on the speaker instead of all the distracting sounds.  Yet another helpful feature is the auto-focus and follow which enables the technology to find, follow, and focus on the speaker.  Everything about this conference room phone system boosts productivity and satisfaction with your business, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t be upgrading!


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