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Whether you run a call center or sales desk with only three employees or thousands- a call recording solution will improve and transform the way you do business.  Maintaining a competitive edge in today’s business environment requires a telecommunications solution that aids in employee training, dispute resolution and secure communications.

  • Monitor Call Quality– Review recorded calls to ensure clients are receiving professional service.
  • Legal Compliance– Comply with legal regulations by encrypting and storing phone interactions.
  • Verify Transactions– Quickly find and email an excerpt of a call to confirm verbal agreements or transactions.
  • Evaluate Performance– Review and score calls with staff to improve customer service skills.

Recording interactions between customers, clients, partners, and employees is a valuable tool for quality monitoring and enhancing customer service.  A voice recording system will provide real time employee training for quality assurance, transaction verification and statistical evaluations, as well as becomes a vital part in dispute resolution for legality purposes.



  • Securely record and archive telephone calls
  • Filter, search, and retrieve calls for playback
  • Encrypt sensitive data using AES 256bit encryption
  • Mask sensitive information by suppressing private information
  • Audit tab shows who has listened to or annotated a call recording
  • Calls are time and date stamped for legal purposes and call logging
  • Annotating, collaborating, and sharing abilities
  • Convert files to WAV/MP3 and attach to e-mail or share recordings via iTunes® or Windows Media® Player.
  • Integrate with third party CRM programs for customized business needs such as screen pops, start/stop commands, automatic annotating, and more.
  • Generate graphical evaluation reports and statistics to help managers track trends and performance
  • Management scoring tool for employee evaluations



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Call Recording Brochure

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