In today’s technology-driven world, just about everything can now be hosted by the cloud. Video surveillance systems are no exception and the benefits of installing IP-based security systems are numerous. In today’s blog, learn why any business can benefit from upgrading their video surveillance system to an IP-based solution.


IP-based video surveillance systems offer a range of benefits.

What Are the Benefits of IP-Based Video Surveillance Systems?

The benefits of video surveillance systems

Video surveillance systems have been an integral part of physical security for decades, and for good reason. They provide verifiable evidence in the event of a security breach and can offer preventative security by acting as a deterrent to potential criminals. Given the ease of their customization capabilities, the applications for video surveillance systems are nearly endless.

What are the advantages of IP-based video surveillance systems?

Video surveillance systems that are hosted in the cloud allow a physical safety management plan to become more dynamic, mobile, and responsive to potential threats. Cloud-hosting allows the data collected by multiple cameras to be aggregated to a central database which can be easily managed and searched for specific information. For example, a systems manager could enter the name of an employee in order to view all footage of their recent activity.

Another benefit of an IP-based video surveillance system is how easily it can be integrated with other security systems such as alarms, paging systems, and access control. For example, if a systems manager wants to monitor the after-hours activity around a particularly vulnerable area of their organization, an IP-based video surveillance system could be programmed to automatically begin recording when a sensor is triggered. The systems manager could even program the system to alert them via text message if a potential security threat is detected, allowing them to respond promptly to a developing threat.

Ready for the perfect IP-based video surveillance system for your business?

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