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Mass Notification System

It’s About Communicating Through Multiple Platforms at Once.

It’s About Saving Lives.

“ACTIVE SHOOTER ON NORTH CAMPUS!” blasts over your radio.  Your heart skips a beat, and your mind is racing, “how do I alert people as quickly as possible?”…

Unfortunately, the scenario above has been a reality for so many and an anticipated nightmare for others. How can you send an alert to as many people as possible- as quickly as possible over an entire campus, industrial park, or community?  The answer is Mass Notifications. By incorporating existing digital equipment and utilizing text, video, data, IP and analog systems and services, messages are sent efficiently and in real time.

What is Mass Communications?

Mass Communications is a technique for combining digital equipment with digital services so they work together to notify a large population of an emergency, event, outage, etc.

For example, let’s say you need to communicate a possible weather emergency in real time. With the touch of a button, you choose a pre-recorded message that blasts out to multi-sub systems, such as:

  • PA Systems in & around buildings
  • IP Loudspeakers in & around buildings
  • SMS text message (utilizing existing mail server)
  • Outbound calling (with integration)
  • Smartphone APPs
  • Email (utilizing existing mail server)
  • Social Media
  • TV’s across campus
  • Visual Signs
  • Emergency Call Boxes & Emergency Telephones
  • IP Classroom Emergency Intercom
  • Web Portal
  • IP Clocks
  • Two-way Radio Integration
  • Broadcast thru IP telephone speakers
  • Computer screens pops

Students, faculty, staff, and even parents are alerted to this possible weather emergency and now have instructions on what to do next.  You just reached more people, in more areas than ever before and it took seconds, not minutes.  This is how you save lives.

Use Your Existing Systems

There is no need to overhaul your entire communications system.  By tying together your existing assets and service providers and letting us fill in the gaps with Valcom’s eLaunch, you can form a complete and comprehensive unified mass notification system.  This allows an operator to launch messages to all subsystems within seconds-without having to deal individually with each subsystem.

It’s About Saving Lives

Mass Notification should be one of the highest priorities on campuses.  The objective is to deliver emergency messages to large numbers of people quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively.

There is no excuse as to why you shouldn’t schedule a total system assessment.  Mass Notification Systems are customized to fit your budget and are available for any size or type of business.

Contact ACC Telecom to learn more about Mass Communications Systems powered by Valcom’s eLaunch. We are located in Columbia, MD, and serve businesses throughout Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia.

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