Partner Certifications

Telecom Partner Certifications

“The growth for education and training will be in continuing adult education. Online delivery is the trigger for this growth, but the demand for lifetime education stems from profound change in society. We live in an economy where knowledge, not buildings and machinery, is the chief resource and where knowledge-workers make up the biggest part of the work force.” -Peter Drucker

The continuing education and training of our voice engineers and account executives is a vital asset of ACC Telecom. In order to deliver our valued customers with knowledgeable, efficient support and service, we encourage, and in most cases, require continuing education, on-premise training, and online certifications.

We have gathered 100’s of certifications through Toshiba and Cisco over three decades in the telecommunication sector. Our certifications consist of IP communications technical support and installation to application and system solution selling. Additionally, our vendor relationships with IP telephone system manufacturers such as Cisco and Toshiba provide ACC Telecom the ability to offer customers the best value in their business communication solutions.

ACC Telecom is a Premium Certified Cisco and Toshiba Partner, and a Comcast Business Class Solutions Provider.

Cisco Certifications

Toshiba Certifications


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