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3CX: On-premise or Cloud-based Phone System

A complete Unified Communications solution, 3CX is an open-standard, software-based phone system that works with a variety of IP phones and SIP trunks and can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.  With transparent pricing, affordable maintenance, and inbuilt security, the 3CX is one of the

most competitive and secure systems on the market today. Your team can now deploy video and web conferencing, IM with presence, smartphone clients, and more without per-user licensing fees and the additional cost and management headaches common with traditional telephone systems.

Video: 3CX- The Future of Communications Today



Affordable, Easy to Manage & Install

3CX provides installation flexibility- either on-premise or in the cloud and the freedom to select which SIP trunks or IP phones to use- saving your company thousands of dollars each year.   Setup is a breeze with the 3CX PBX Express tool, saving additional money on your labor installation costs.

  • Plug and Play with IP Phones, SIP Trunks & Gateways
  • No per extension licensing
  • Save money on YOUR choice of IP phones & trunks
3CX PBX phone System admin portal and IP phone




Zero Admin

3CX has brought the first zero admin PBX to the market by reducing ongoing phone system maintenance to almost zero. The newly designed user dashboard allows full monitoring from a single screen including key data, machine & PBX information and critical alerts. Save time and money by quickly adding features, auto purging databases, and downloading security updates in minutes.

  • Monitor all aspects of the PBX on a single screen of the user dashboard
  • Get key health information of your PBX- trunks, services, blacklisted IPs, critical system events, etc.
  • Install security updates in minutes; security certificates automatically renewed
  • Deploy firmware updates to all phones over the network in minutes
  • Built-in failover w/ included standby license for Enterprises
3CX IP Phone system administrative portal used for PBX system monitoring, PBX changes and PBX feature upgrades

3CX Admin Portal




Unified Communications

Web Conferencing, Fax & Voicemail to Email, Presence and Instant Messaging are inherent to 3CX and available for ALL users no matter which PBX package you choose.  3CX smartphone and softphone client users automatically have access to advanced UC features without having to purchase -or learn- separate software.

  • View status of colleagues (Presence) to avoid unnecessary call transfers
  • Faxes are forwarded to emails as PDF files without requiring fax  server software
  • Voicemails are converted to sound files and forwarded to emails
  • Send text/chat messages, links & more at no additional cost
  • Available for Windows, MAC, Android, & iOS
3cx IP phone system softphone showing presence status of coworkers in Columbia, Maryland

3CX Softphone Client




Video Conferencing & WebMeeting

Save time and money by hosting virtual meetings with 3CX’s integrated video conferencing and WebMeeting solution. Using Google’s WebRTC technology, users join meetings seamlessly via their web browser without downloads, additional software or plug-ins.

  • No per user licensing or extension fees; up to 250 participants
  • Unlimited users no matter which package you choose
  • No monthly fee, just one low yearly payment
  • Download & plug-in free video conferencing
  • Bandwidth Management and Control
IP business phone system with integrated Video Conferencing showing users video chatting in Columbia, MD, Washington DC, Baltimore MD and Reston, VA

3CX Video & Web Conferencing Tool




Mobile iOS & Android Clients

Never miss a call with 3CX’s VoIP clients for Android and iOS. Your mobile device transforms your smartphone into your office extension- providing the ability to make and receive business calls at no cost to you.  3CX’s VoIP client includes colleague presence, seamless call transferring, cell phone number privacy, call status management, and more.

  • No additional licensing costs
  • Built-in SIP tunnel/proxy resolves remote firewall problems
  • Remote configuration, easy set-up via email
  • Enjoy presence, call transferring & call status management
  • Easy conference call setup
  • Save battery life with PUSH notifications
3cx ip phone system's mobile application client displayed on an iphone in Maryland

3CX Smartphone Client




Contact Center

Call Center Features, Remote Bridges, Failover, CRM Integration & More

Presenting advanced contact and call center technology, 3CX PRO’s productivity-boosting software is offered at an affordable price for all businesses no matter their size. Includes free WebRTC video conferencing for up to 250 participants.

  • Click-to-Call, Call Pop-ups, Call Journals & more from your CRM
  • Video & Web conferencing for up to 250 participants
  • Advanced Call Reports help manage staff performance
  • Position in queue remains even if the customer decides to hang up
  • Built-in Failover functionality
  • View presence of remote workers
  • Implement a complete Contact Center at a fraction of the cost
  • Call Recording is included for no additional charge
3CX PRO IP business PBX system software offers advanced contact center features out of the box.

3CX Call Center, ACD & Call Recording



3CX has set a new standard for PBX security.

The 3CX anti-hacking algorithms to block IP addresses automatically that are attempting SIP connections or admin type connections that make it through the firewall. Security enhancements are pushed to the system and can be updated automatically or manually. The 3CX provides real-time alerts of any anti-hacking attempts and SIP Trunk status, as well as the overall health and service status of the system.

3CX’s inbuilt security includes:

  • Encryption of Voice Traffic via SRTP
  • All traffic to clients and via SBC is encrypted
  • More secure web server configuration
  • Detection and auto blacklisting of SIP Attack tools
  • Automatic generation and management of SSL certificates:
    • Provisioning of phones via HTTPS
    • Connections to client and console via SSL
    • A+ rating from SSL lab.
security breach






SIP Trunks

Enhance your 3CX IP phone system experience with ACC Telecom’s very own SIP Trunking solution.  Our SIP Trunks are affordable, reliable, and provide advanced calling features that you won’t receive from POTS (plain old telephone lines) or PRI services.  Our SIP Trunk features include:

  • Unlimited or Metered Nationwide Calling (including Canada & Puerto Rico)
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Advanced Call Routing
  • Supports Direct Inward Dial (DID) Numbers
  • Online User Portal
  • Call Accounting including Concurrent Call Path Reporting
SIP-Trunking diagram shows how ACC Telecom delivers SIP Trunking service to businesses in Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia.

VoIP/SIP Trunk Convergence Diagram


cloud and phone icon inside circle, indicating IP phone


Request a quote button for the 3CX business phone system for businesses in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia.

It’s time to free yourself from traditional telecom costs and maintenance and take control of your business phone system. To try 3CX for free, please visit or contact ACC Telecom to schedule your FREE 3CX demonstration in Columbia, Maryland, Washington DC, Fairfax, VA and the surrounding areas.


3CX IP Phone System feature reference guide/short brochure


ACC Telecom SIP Trunks brochure for on-premise business phone systems