Local Storage vs Cloud Storage Comparison Chart

ACC Telecom offers three (3) types of surveillance camera system storage and recording- NVR, CMVR, and Bridge.  View the comparison chart below to see which option offers the best benefit to your business.

NVR and DVR Security Camera Systems - Which One is Better for Your Business?

(1) Network Video Recorders (NVR): NVRs offer local, on-site recording and storage for IP security camera systems.

(2) Cloud Managed Video Recorder (CMVR): CMVRs offer a hybrid approach to video recording and storage.  CMVRs are compatible with both analog and IP cameras and offer local, on-site storage and cloud-based storage.

(3) Cloud-based Storage, Recording & Management (Bridge):  Our Bridge offers 100% cloud-based surveillance recordings, storage, and management.  All locations, features, footage, and recordings are managed via the cloud.

  • Storage
  • Cameras Supported
  • External Extended Local Storage
  • Static IP Address Required
  • Firewall Port Opening Required
  • PTZ Capabilities
  • Management Portal w/ Remote Viewing
  • View Footage on Any Device
  • Analytics
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Built-in Motion Detection (no extra cost)
  • Cloud Recording
  • Cloud-based Extended Storage
  • View ALL Locations from 1 Interface
  • Encrypted Recordings
  • Unlimited Users (No Per-user Licensing Fees)
  • User Permissions
  • Analytics & Advanced Features for Analog Cameras
  • Alerts When Cameras Are Offline
  • Automatic Security, Software & Feature Updates
  • Future Proof System
  • Triple Redundancy
  • Map/Birds Eye View of Camera Layout
  • Monthly Cost
  • Continuous Recording Even if Internet is Offline (up to 4 days)
  • Cyber Secure
  • Recordings Are Saved Even if Box is Damaged
  • NVR

    Network Video Recorder

  • Local
  • IP
  • CMVR

    Cloud Managed Video Recorder

  • Local & Cloud
  • Analog &/or IP
  • 10 accounts under one domain
  • Bridge

    Cloud Storage & Recording

  • Cloud
  • Analog &/or IP

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