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What Are Some Fascinating VoIP Facts?


What Are Some Fascinating VoIP Facts?

VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, is a modern take on conventional phone services. Find out some VoIP facts and what it can do to help your business!

VoIP facts and information about VoIP, in general, is virtually everywhere these days. VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, is a modern take on conventional phone services. Most businesses take their time in adopting new technology, so the question becomes why should your company do it? Creating a superb presentation can help change the minds of your colleagues, supervisors, and upper management. Here, you’ll find facts about the money you’ll save, productivity boosts, the potential for future growth, mobility and reliability, and benefits for serving your customers.

VoIP Facts About Saving Money

Businesses of all sizes benefit whenever they can save money. But saving money does not only mean drastic cost-cutting measures. The average amount of savings businesses can expect range anywhere from 50% to 75% when they switch to using VoIP instead of conventional phone services.

Likewise, small businesses can benefit from using VoIP as well. For them, the cost of local calls decreases at most by 40%. By switching from conventional phone services to VoIP, small businesses could save up to 45% every month.

Productivity Boosts

Productivity is important for every business. Boosting productivity improves morale and can help generate more revenue. VoIP is just one of the components of unified communications. Unified communications are a major part of boosting productivity. A company with 100 employees can save an astounding 191 company hours a day. This number adds up to slightly less than 50,000 a year (49,660) while also saving tremendous amounts of money, about $920,000 per year. Through VoIP and unified communications, more employees could work remotely. This rise in remote work also saw a bump in productivity by about 20%.

Potential for Future Growth

Potential growth for VoIP is extensive. Seventy percent of companies have already begun to use VoIP and the cloud as platforms for their unified communications. By the end of next year, 2018, the conventional phone services provided by landlines will be almost negligible – at 6%.

By 2021, the market is anticipated to reach a worth of $140 million. Until then, services will continue to expand by 10% every year.

Considering Mobility and Reliability

Here are some more VoIP facts about mobility and reliability:

Mobility: The worldwide mobile VoIP market is expected to grow about 28% during the projected window of 2016-2020. By 2020, the mobile VoIP market will be worth $500 billion. As of 2017, 37% of workers in the United States already telecommute to work.

Reliability: Call quality is generally outstanding. In 208 respondents to the survey, only one registered complaints about call quality. Seventeen percent of respondents indicated that dissatisfaction with call quality and reliability on conventional phones led to them switching to VoIP instead.

Serving Your Customers

A recent survey conducted in the U.S. State of Multichannel Customer Service Report revealed that out of 1,000 respondents, 92% of them look for businesses and other organizations to provide some sort of customer support outlet. This support outlet could be an online page or another type of web portal. Sixty-one percent of those surveyed also appreciated being able to access self-support through mobile devices.

Also, keep in mind that what a business believes can be different than what their customer base believes. While it appears that an astonishing 88% of businesses believe they are providing their customers with superb service, only 8% of customers believed the same. Such staggering differences can negatively impact your company’s fiscal health.

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