3CX’s new v16 software update brings new and enhanced security features to your PBX.  Read below for a teaser on the new security features that are coming soon.


Advanced certification v16

    • Significant performance and security update with built-in support for HTTPS/2 in the Nginx web server
    • Option to auto-update blacklist entries daily from an online list managed by 3CX.
    • IP blacklist Export & Import functions enables you to export all your blacklist entries and import them on another PBX to sync.
    • New option to restrict access to 3CX Management Console to a specified list of IPs through new Restrictions tab.
    • Extended Management Console function to provide flexibility to choose the password/PIN to reset.
    • To enhance security and prevent service exploits, 3CX v16 does not send the user agent by default, unless SIP communication is authenticated.
    • Updated checks and warning notifications for weak extension security level.
    • Latest Postgres DB version – robust performance on a solid database engine.
    • OpenSSL to 1.0.2o – latest security-fix release.
    • Built using VS2017 compilers – keep the 3CX codebase modern and portable.
    • .NET Core framework update – improved performance and security
    • GCC 6 – code optimization & security improvements
    • Debian 8 EOL (End of Life) – recommended upgrade via our Debian 9 “Stretch” ISO to improve performance, security and benefit from v16 features.

Want more details on v16 security?  Click here to read more about 3CX v16 security measures.


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