3CX Video Standouts with Upgrades to 3CX Video Conferencing

Improvements to 3CX’s Video Conferencing Platform with v18

3CX Video Conferencing (formerly known as 3CX WebMeeting) has undergone a complete redesign with focus on new features and data privacy.

3CX web meeting screenshot

New & Improved Platform & Interface

  • Major upgrades & new interface to 3CX’s newly resigned Video Conferencing platform (formerly known as WebMeeting)
  • New & Improved Android & iOS smartphone apps
    • Completely scrapped the old apps & launched new ones from the bottom up.
    • View shared content like shared screen content & PDFs
    • View Polls & Whiteboards
  • Manages low bandwidth situations better
  • Added & Improved MCUs- added one for Moscow
    • Improved reliability
  • 3CX Video Conferencing is now natively on 3CX rather than in the cloud. This provides-
    • Increased data privacy
    • Dial-in efficiency
    • URL efficiency

New Features

  • Ability to turn off/lock video, audio, or chat of all participants quickly, with 1 click of a button
    • Particularly helpful if there is a need to switch from meeting mode to classroom mode quickly.
  • Lock meetings
  • Notification & Navigations bar was resigned to allow more efficient use of screen space.
    • Chat box doesn’t need to stay open to manage user chats
    • New users joining requests are now presented as a notification.
  • Post chats as Q&As, can be sorted and upvoted by others to allow efficient handling of post-meeting wrap-ups.
  • Simplified scheduling meetings and meeting invites
    • Available invitation methods are now by “mail,” “link,” “QR code,” or via “What’s App”
  • Implemented grid view layout as the default for meetings. 
    • User tiles are marked blue based on voice activity to keep track of who is talking.
    • Classroom Meeting types uses the Moderator-focused layout instead of grid layout.

More Privacy

  • Video meeting data will no longer be synchronized to the 3CX Cloud service in order to facilitate meetings.
  • Meetings now run under the same FQDN as the customers; Web Clients or Management Console so meeting data is now stored on the client’s 3CX.
    • This reduces 3CX privacy policy in regards to 3CX Video Conferencing by 60%.
  • Currently, 3CX provides only autonomous media processing/conversion units in the cloud that connect video streams together.  In the near future, 3CX plans to provide the client with the means to control those themselves and give them full control over their meetings (and the need to write your own privacy policy).

Important Notes on Transition

To smoothen the transition to the new platform, please note the following:

  • When upgrading from v16 to v18, you will need to reschedule or recreate a meeting which you have already sent out. 
  • Your personal meeting URL will change with a new meeting room format of https://[Your-Domain]:Port/meet/[Your-Name]



How to Upgrade to v18

To upgrade to v18, please contact your ACC Account Manager or ACC Support to schedule your software update.  ACC Telecom customers with active support packages will automatically be upgraded to v18 in the coming weeks.  


ACC Telecom is a Titanium-level, advanced certified 3CX dealer and SIP Trunk provider serving clients throughout the United States.  Contact ACC Telecom for all of your 3CX needs. 

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