3CX Messaging Updates with v18

Business SMS Texting, Persistent Chat, Live Web Chat & Facebook Messenger Integration

3CX v18 is now available for both Linux and Windows and is packed with new features and improvements, including the highly anticipated SMS text messaging features, enhanced internal persistent chat and web chat, and Facebook Messenger integration. 

Messaging Overview

  • Improved chat functionality for both internal “persistent” chat & Live Web Chat
    • Forward chats
    • Mark chats as done/handled (Live Web Chat via your website plug-in)
    • Add/Remove members in chats
    • Retention policy for chats
    • Chat queues and reporting
3CX Live Chat

3CX Live Chat plugin for customer websites allows web visitors to chat with the company via the 3CX and offers chat queue management and reporting.

  • SMS text messaging compatible 
    • Send & receive SMS messages from 3CX’s Web Client and Smartphone Apps
    • Route incoming SMS messages to queues or individuals
    • Keeps your personal cell number private– text through your business numbers including toll-free numbers.
  • Facebook Messenger Integration
    • Answer Facebook leads from 3CX Web Client or Mobile apps
    • Transfer chats to qualified team members with queue-based group handling of messages
    • Tickets can be assigned to first user that responds with SLA policies and reporting
    • Facebook offers another customer service & support channel for clients
    • No Need for multiple FB Admins–add unlimited users to your FB queue
    • Use CRM integration to track history and increase conversions

3CX Facebook Messenger Chat Integration Example

  • Messaging Management
    • SMS, Facebook and Live Chat messages are all centrally managed
    • Prioritize messages in the queue ensuring timely replies and SLAs.
    • Run detailed reports on all types of messages
    • Match contacts to an integrated CRM for universal tracking


3CX mobile app chat messaging with picture sharing


How to Upgrade to v18 

To upgrade to v18, please contact your ACC Account Manager or ACC Support to schedule your software update.  ACC Telecom customers with active support packages will be automatically upgraded to v18 in the coming weeks. 


ACC Telecom is a Titanium-level, advanced certified 3CX dealer and SIP Trunk provider serving clients throughout the United States.  Contact ACC Telecom for all of your 3CX business communication needs. 


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