3CX v20 Security Updates

3CX has contracted some of the best security companies in the world to test and monitor new builds.  In addition to product security testing, code scanning, pen testing, and 24/7 network monitoring, 3CX has made countless security updates to their platform and operating system.  Continue reading for additional security updates.


Debian 12

By going straight to Debian 12 operating system, 3CX has the latest reciprocate engine, latest versions of nginx, and latest security patches available on the market today.

When upgrading to v20, you’ll be taken to Debian 12 in two steps; first to Debian 11, and then to Debian 12 after a restart.  You’ll be on the latest–and greatest operating system available today!


Secure deployment of the new 3CX Windows Softphone via the Microsoft Store

3CX Microsoft store app

This new type of deployment offers tighter security right from the onset– each Windows native app is security checked by Microsoft, which helps avoid any situations like the one earlier in the year.

Deploying via the Windows store also allows updates to occur separately from the main 3CX build for better manageability.



Two Factor Authentication (2FA) provides another layer of credential security for the 3CX client. Single Sign On (SSO) has been enhanced and is now easier to deploy in Microsoft and Google.


One URL for Admin/Web Client & Secure FQDN Everywhere

 With the client and management console merged into one site, 3CX now has one easy-to-remember FQDN for users and admins.


 Before v20: 


 New with v20:


 Users have the ability to set their own password, enable 2FA, or utilize SSO.  This reduces the reliance on the welcome email altogether.


Product Security Testing

3CX Security Partners

3CX has contracted some of the best security companies in the world to test and monitor new builds including–

  • Coverity code scanning
  • ReversingLabs complied scanning
  • Complete Pen Test by Mandiant
  • Kaspersky reviews each build
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring by CrowdStrike
  • ISO 27001- reviewing for potential future use



ACC Telecom is an advanced certified 3CX Titanium partner headquartered in Columbia, Maryland and delivers 3CX service and support nationwide.  Contact ACC Telecom today to learn more about 3CX, or start your free 60-day 3CX trial by clicking here.

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