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4 Fantastic Benefits That Come With SIP Trunking

SIP trunking

Still dealing with fussy landlines? Your business should be moving into the future with VoIP and SIP trunking.

Still dealing with fussy landlines?  Your business should be moving into the future with VoIP and SIP trunking.  There are many benefits that come with this updated tech, and when you upgrade, you’ll be getting cutting-edge advantages your competitors might not have.  As you grow, your business will need to keep up with the times in order to stay relevant and useful to your customers.  If you’re curious as to why you should be switching to SIP trunking, read on for more information.

What is SIP Trunking?


First off, let’s cover what SIP trunking is.  SIP is a way to communicate using telephone and other common electronic forms of communication over the internet, for those who have PBX solutions.  SIP trunking uses VoIP (voice over internet protocol) in order to replace landlines.  SIP uses the PBX for auto attendants and voicemail, and the PRI which directs callers to the telephone they’re trying to reach.  This includes communication across various locations using the same internet provider.  SIP trunking means lower costs, better communication, and clearer quality calls.  Businesses are switching for these amazing benefits, and they’re also moving into the future of communication.


What Are the Benefits?


One of the best benefits of SIP trunking is that all calls are considered local.  Because these calls are communicated over the internet, even international callers are going to be able to communicate at no additional cost.  This is what helps businesses to cut down on their communication costs, allowing them to grow at a faster rate.  Also, you no longer need to dedicate your business to an internet telephony service provider (ITSP).  This means less expensive lines, and no dedication to any one company.  And, one of the greatest benefits is that you can get rid of all that bulky hardware.  The only thing you’ll need to do for better quality calls is increase your internet bandwidth.  With this simple fix, you’ll be ready to make amazing, clear calls to all of your clients, from all of your locations.


ACC Telecom can help get your SIP trunking and VoIP system up and running today!


We offer voice and data security services that are reliable, simple, and affordable.  ACC Telecom is certain to be the right telecommunications company for businesses everywhere. We have been providing expert service and advice since 1979 and can meet all of your telecommunications needs. We offer a wide range of business phone and video surveillance systems to meet the needs of any organization.  We have been helping build the future of communications for business all across Maryland, DC, and Northern VA.

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